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Why Is Avataria so Fun to Play?

Rate this Article What makes this virtual world worth checking out? Virtual Worlds Land! - Why Is Avataria so Fun to Play?

There are so many virtual worlds to be part of. If you’re passionate about stuff like these, you should definitely join in as many as possible. Each world has its own set of offerings for the player, and it pays to look at each one of them first so you will be able to decide if joining a particular virtual world is worth the effort of registering.

In this case, why is Avataria so fun to play? What can you look forward to it? Let’s look at those details, and see if the game is indeed worth joining in.

First off, the game does not require any client downloads at all. If you’re picky about games that consume hard disk space, you’ll be glad to find out that Avataria is browser-based and does not need any installer that has to be downloaded.

We all know downloading AND installing takes time, not to mention hard disk space, so you’ll definitely love this game. Avataria simply spares you from that hassle. All you need to do is just load the game through its App Page on Facebook, and you’re good to go!

Of course, activities in the virtual world are of utmost importance to you as the player. After all, these activities are what you’ll be busy with as part of this online community of imaginative and friendly gamers.

First off, you’re given a home that you will have to design according to your preferences in style. However, the game balances the sandbox nature of designing with a neat feature called “The Comfort Rating.”

Basically, other players will come and visit your home. They’ll then rate the house according to how comfortable it looks for them. Of course, not all people will appreciate your design as sometimes your preferences don’t always go in sync with other people’s choices. However, the Rating is a good motivation for you to work hard in order to come up with a well-designed virtual home.

Virtual worlds are a place to interact, and Avataria is not an exception either. You should go out of your house (like you should in real life) and meet other users. You can, for example, hang out with other players in various online establishments in the virtual world.

Of course, in order to hang out, you must look attractive. You’d need to purchase your wardrobe using in-game cash. There’s plenty enough that people with varying preferences in fashion can find what they want to dress their avatar up with.

To spice things up, the virtual world also invites you to play mini-games so that you can earn experience as well as in-game cash.

This is not a virtual world where you can find only a smattering of avatars, or one in which only one specific demographic is active. This is a bustling community of real people extending their lives into the Internet. You’ll meet a lot of friends here so give Avataria a try now!

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