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Second Life vs Wizard 101

Rate this Article These 2 games are both amazing and have millions of players all over the world, so what is it that makes them so great? Virtual Worlds Land! - Second Life vs Wizard 101

Second Life and Wizard 101 are both fantastic games that offer a lot to their players. One common trait in both these things is that they focus quite a lot on horses and in this article we'll be discussing this trait in a bit more detail and doing some comparison between the two.

First off it'd be best to discuss how these games are similar in this aspect. Both Second Life and Wizard 101 offer a tremendous variety of horses that players can choose from. There are multiple different horse breeds available and what's incredible is the fact that each different breed not only looks unique but is also distinct in terms of their gameplay as well.

Some are fast, some are strong, some are friendly and some are harsh. There are many options available and players will be able to choose whatever they like best. One minor difference between both games in this trait is the fact that Wizard 101's horses tend to be on the fantasy side for example flying horses or ghost horses whereas the options in Second Life are much more in line with reality.

Moving further, customization is where these games tend to go on different routes. In Wizard 101, you're given a lot of ways to customize your horse but a pretty massive amount of this variety is owed to the fact that the game has some fantasy elements as well which tend to stray a bit from reality. All things considered though, the customization in Wizard 101 is pretty spectacular.

Onto Second Life, this game also offers a pretty immense variety of customization features but the key difference here is the fact that most of the options you get in Second Life are in the boundaries of reality so you might not get the same variety that Wizard 101 offers but it's still more than enough to customize your horse exactly according to your preference.

In terms of gameplay, there's a lot of stuff to do when you get access to a horse in these games. In Second Life you get to explore the world on horseback, travel at really fast speeds, bring a friend to ride with you or simply relax with your horse by your side and take in the view of a seaside or a mountain. In Wizard 101, you can also explore many gorgeous places that are a delight for the eyes but at the same time you have a bunch of other great stuff to do such as play mini-games alongside your horse. There are multitudes of different mini-games so players will certainly find a few that are according to their liking and preferences.

Overall, Second Life and Wizard 101 are really amazing games that both have their own merits and demerits but are ultimately quite solid. We definitely recommend trying at least one, or even both, of these games out to experience for yourself how much fun and enjoyment they're able to provide.

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