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Virtual Games on WWGDB

Rate this Article While there are a lot of brilliant virtual worlds, the Worldwide Games Database have chosen a few to add really comprehensive reviews for and we wanted to share some of these with you. Virtual Worlds Land! - Virtual Games on WWGDB

The Worldwide Games Database or WWGDB is a brilliant new website that have a large variety of different games, and they have some very comprehensive reviews of some of our favorite games. But there is a lot more than you can do on the website, including enjoy fun surveys, see a wide variety of other games and read interesting articles on a huge variety of topics.

When you take a look at their reviews you will see that there is a bit more detail to them, and you can find out more information about these games before you play them. There are some really nice pictures from the game, and there are several different sections to the reviews, breaking the games down quite well. You can also see what other people think of their games too, with a rating system and the chance to see a player written review.

You will also have the chance to leave your own comments about a game, if you like it, or even if you do not like any particular game you can leave your comments and feedback so everyone can see it. This is quite a nice feature and gives you a different perspective on some of these games. You can also see a list of similar games to the one you are looking at, so if you need inspiration for a new game or something else that you want to try you can see what they have.

As we mentioned they reviewed some of our favorite games, and we think you should take a look at their reviews to get a second opinion on some of the games we have. On the simulation side they have Township and the brilliant farm game Happy Acres. If you are looking for a bigger virtual world they have Second Life, Avataria and IMVU. But they also have a wide variety of other games too from lots of different genres, so you may find something a little different that you like too.

As well as games there are also some interesting articles, about a few different topics, but a couple of them are quite interesting for everyone to read, including How Games Make Money which is an intersting look into how the games we play keep going. They also have interviews with players and professionals in the gaming industry and some lighthearted looks at the different Types of Gamer. Some pretty interesting reading awaits you on WWGDB.

We are excited by what the Worldwide Games Database has to offer and they are always adding new games and articles so keep an eye on them. For a much better idea of everything that they have check out the WWGDB Main Page, and in particular the Virtual Games List where you can see all of the Virtual Worlds that they have. You never know what fun game is going to appear next, and their collection keeps on growing. Take the time to have a read, we don’t think you will be disappointed.

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