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Spineworld: A History

Rate this Article From being labeled as one of the best MMOs of its time, to be shut down and disappeared for no apparent reason. Scroll through this article to find out about the sudden demise of Spineworld: A History. Virtual Worlds Land! - Spineworld: A History

For a true gamer, there’s nothing quite as hurtful as watching a delightful game get ruined and shut down. From a small graphical chat world to becoming one of the biggest virtual worlds online, Spineworld: A History had seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Back when it was simply a virtual chat portal called Playdo 1.0, some of the developers saw the potential and made constant upgrades to the game. There came a point when millions of people from all over the world fell in love with this imaginative game and if you’re familiar with how the game worked, you’d probably know why that was the case.

With constant upgrades, the game just kept on getting better as players saw so many more things to do in the game like exploring a wide-open world, interacting in tons of new ways, customize their avatars in creative ways, and whatnot. It seemed as if there was absolutely no stopping this giant of a game and anticipating this very thing, Miniclip, one of the biggest browser games developers, stepped in and decided to add their touch and support into the game. This was the very beginning of the end for this memorable MMO.

As Miniclip came on board, it decided to make the game even more flawless and loveable, and to do that, they acquired and expanded the development team that saw new writers, composers, graphic artists, and tons of other employees that came in to take the game to the next level. A plethora of new features was added into the game like new missions, new unlockable and purchasable items, new ways to interact, and tons of other amusing features that kept the people glued to the screen.

It was 2008, the year Spineworld: A History, saw its demise and it all happened due to a financial crisis through the collapse of an investment bank, Lehman Brothers. The millions of dollars that were promised to be invested in the game, never actually came and due to this unanticipated loss, problems kept on piling up for Spineworld as they had to lay off dozens of employees that included so many creative workers and artists. From art and writing departments to programmers and pixel artists, none of them survived the downsizing and the end result was that Playdo decided to sell Spineworld’s copyrights to the holding company, Result.

Result took drastic measures and tried its best to restore the game to its former beauty and charm but there was no coming back for the game after everything that happened as users gradually stopped playing the game.

All in all, despite digging very deep to unravel the mystery, there are still no certain reasons as to why all of this happened and why a perfectly designed virtual world collapsed the way it did but if you’ve been a fan of the game, the aforementioned reasons are a few glimpses of what caused the demise of Spineworld: A History.

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