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Games like Second Life

Rate this Article There are many stunning virtual worlds, and Second Life is one of the biggest and best, but if you want to try something new, these are some similar games you may like. Virtual Worlds Land! - Games like Second Life

Second Life is an amazing virtual world game that offers players a ton of fun stuff to do and in this article, we'll be discussing games that are similar to it and also talking a little bit about what makes them great and why you should try them out.

When discussing Second Life, you simply cannot ignore the fact that it's absolutely packed with players. No matter what are you visit, you'll find players to socialize and interact with. Your interactions with players aren't just limited to simply talking as you can actually go and explore the world together, play cool mini-games or simply hang out. There's a lot of fun to be hand and the fact that you can enjoy the game alongside others makes it a ton more fun.

Other than just socializing, perhaps the biggest attraction of Second Life is its absolutely massive game world. However, often times such a big world can be a downside since players can't really explore it properly but this situation is remedied by the excellent flying feature that every player has access to. To go out and explore the world you can simply just go up into the sky and fly around across the giant world that's full of places to see.

IMVU is a magnificent virtual world in which players get to create their very own avatars, customize them and take them out into the world. The game's full of fun stuff to do, the world is absolutely massive and just waiting for you to explore it in all its beauty and of course there are tons of people that you can hang out with.

Virtual Highway is another awesome virtual world that actually looks quite similar to Second Life due to how its art style is. It's a game that truly lets players loose and allows them to do as they want. You can open up your very own shop, become part of a club, own your house and do so much more in this fantastic experience.

Twinty is a really well executed, feature filled virtual world that's perhaps one of the prime example of a game from this genre done right. You can customize even the tiniest of your character's details which makes it look exactly according to your preferences and then you can take this character to do tons of fun stuff such as play mini-games, go shopping and even meet some great new people.

Although it might not look like the others since it has its own distinct art and visual style, YoVille is actually quite similar when it comes to the actual gameplay. You're able to create a character of your likings and then you can go off into the world to do pretty much whatever you want to whether it’s exploring, playing mini-games, shopping, buying a house and of course meeting new people.

Quite like Second Life, Blue Mars is a feature filled game that puts players in control of their very own character that can be made to look exactly according to their preferences. While Blue Mars does have all the standard things that define a good virtual world, it also has a bunch of its own elements such as managing your own business which gives it a sense of uniqueness.

Overall, the games mentioned above all resemble Second Life in one way or another and they're all great games. We certainly recommend trying them out at least once to see for yourself all the enjoyment they have to offer.

Want to find and play more games like the ones you know and love? Drop by now!

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