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Why Play Dating Sims

Rate this Article Why should you play dating sims? Virtual Worlds Land! - Why Play Dating Sims

Avid sim players will know the fact that virtual world simulators come in different types. There’s something for everyone in this genre of games, after all.

There’s the restaurant sim, which is basically a time management game that puts you in control of a chef. This chef has to serve his or her customers as quick as they could so they could gain a lot of in-game cash. This sub-genre of virtual world simulators is known for being very exciting, and challenging, of course.

Then, we have the farm simulator. The popular Farm Frenzy series belongs to this genre. Although similar to the restaurant sim, the farm sim focuses more on producing and earning as much money as you can by selling off your produce or using them to make items that you can sell off for a higher price. Still, it is as exciting as the restaurant sim
Finally, we have the social world simulator. This is basically the sub-niche to which games like IMVU and Second Life belongs to. This genre is all about making social interactions with people, real people who control the avatars, but it can also be called a dating simulator because, after all, one of the things you can do in the world is to take other people out on a date.

There are also games that let you take on the role of an unnamed individual who is then thrust into a world of dating and romance. One example of these is Flirt City. These are the true dating sims, and these are what we will talk about in this article.

Now, the question here is: why should you play dating sims?

Dating is a complex social concept, no matter how you look at it. It involves an intricate sequence of interpersonal interactions that lead to that first date, and then everything flows from there. If you ask people, taking the initial steps that lead to taking a person of the opposite sex out for a date is the most difficult time in any relationship.

Dating simulators explore these interactions, and lets you experiment with personal decisions that can affect the outcome of the character’s relationship with another character in the simulator. Through these sims, you can actually take control of a life and live the way you would without worrying about social stigma and all that.

Having the means to make decisions freely is something that all of us would like to do in real life, but norms dictate that we can only make the “acceptable” choices. In a dating sim, however, you’re free to take on a personality that best describes you and base your in-game decisions from that.

Besides, dating is fun. The storyline becomes interesting with every decision you make for your character in dating simulators. You yourself is making that story, so why shouldn’t you be interested in following what you wrote?

That’s the kind of control that you have when you play dating sims!

There’s a world full of fun, love and interpersonal interactions in store for you when you play dating simulators. Explore our website now and find the dating sim that you think will be the right fit for you.

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