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Retro Games That Have Been Re-Released for the Smartphone

Rate this Article In no way are retro games the things of the past. They are making the comebacks into our hearts and our smartphones. Here are a few of the best ones. Virtual Worlds Land! - Retro Games That Have Been Re-Released for the Smartphone

We all get a sense of nostalgia sometimes for the years when life was simpler and the days seemed longer. Although we can’t return those days, what we can do is to dive into those precious memories. Even more! We can always return to our childhood with a few taps on our smartphones. How? By playing old-time classics from our childhood on smartphones, of course!

The market is very much familiar with the overpowering nostalgia in all of us. That is why every year, we get to see more and more retro games re-released for smartphones. Customers who dream of getting in touch with their younger selves and nowadays kids who are just curious about trying out all kinds of retro games on their mobiles. We have come up with some of the most popular and well-done re-releases of the retro games. Let’s have a look!


Pac-Man on Mobile

There is hardly anything that speaks of retro games louder than Pac-Man. Pac-Man became a real sensation right after it was released. People got obsessed with it. They played it, wore T-shirts with it, and made whole communities around it. You’ll probably need a fast essay writer to describe all the madness around this game at that time.

These days Pac-Man has returned a smartphone game to conquer the hearts of the new generations. Of course, it is not as dynamic or technologically advanced as most of the modern days’ mobile games. However, this old-time classic doesn’t need any of that. Even without the edgy plot twists or complicated plot, the game is still super addictive. After all, people download this game for the retro vibes and nostalgia, which it surely delivers.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Super Mario is one of those classics that every child knows about even today. It doesn’t matter whether you have grown up during the Super Mario first games or play the released versions on a smartphone. It is just as good as the old one. Of course, nothing really can repeat the same experience as playing Mario on your computer for the first time. Though, even now, thousands of teens and college students worldwide find themselves thinking, “I better pay someone to do my homework because I won’t stop playing till I pass every level!” So it will be fair to say, the game kept its addictive nature.

Overall, the smartphone adoption of Mario is pretty decent. It is just as fun to play. It’s colorful and can be pretty challenging. Surely, it also remained the same plot we all happened to love so much. Overall, it is a great re-run of the all-time classic, but now as a mobile side-scrolling action game.

Prince of Persia: Escape

Prince of Persia on mobile

The youngest generation may not even know that the Prince of Persia was a game long before it became a movie. Indeed, this game lies in the core of many sequences and even a Hollywood movie. However, people who grew up in the 80s and 90s know the Prince of Persia as a one-of-a-kind action computer game. At that time, The Prince showed the new groundbreaking level of graphics and plot building in computer games. It was nothing like we have seen before.

These days, the developers of the mobile version of this classic decided to keep it simple and close to home. You still have to jump over all the obstacles, avoid gaps and large spikes. After all, you don't need a nursing essay writing service to tell you that, prince or not, people don’t recover after such encounters. It seems as the goal for the new game was to keep the gaming experience as close to the original one as possible. As a result, we have a fund re-released retro game that doesn’t let us forget about its ancient roots, which we surely appreciate.

Grand Theft Auto

GTA III on mobile

You may recall the first appearance of the Grand Theft Auto in our lives. Yet, it doesn’t mean it has become the retro classic by now. The first game of the GTA series was released in 1997 for Windows computers. Soon, every child knew the name of that game. The reception of that game was overwhelming. Even now, over twenty years since the first release, people still hold this game at a pedestal of car racing games.

It is even surprising that the smartphone release of this game happened only recently. However, we don’t complain. Of course, the mobile version of the game is not the same experience as the computer one. Still, it is definitely a good game on its own. It comes with a large territory to explore, an intriguing plot, and a few new skills available only on the smartphone version. Overall, this game will keep you engaged and curious during the entire plot.

Olivia Smith
Olivia is a freelance journalist and a gamer. She has always been a devoted Mario player as well as a huge Sims series fan. Beyond gaming, Olivia loves reading, going to auto racing competitions, and volunteering at a dog shelter.

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