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Casual Simulation Games

Rate this Article In this article, we will describe what a casual simulation game is, the different types available, and bring you a couple of games for you to enjoy too. Virtual Worlds Land! - Casual Simulation Games

With the rise of Facebook there has been a dramatic increase in the number of free games for us to enjoy. Taking some classics like Farm Games and adding newer styles like Runner Games there is a huge range of different things for you to play. But what is it that makes a game casual and how many different types are there?

In this article we will be discussing the rise of games like Icy Run to classics like Big Farm. A casual game is one that can be played with no real strings attached, and one that you can pop into and out of with no commitment other than the fun you have playing it. By their very nature, you don’t have to give any more time than you want to and with the advances in technology, you can also enjoy them on the go too.

One of the best things about these games is their flexibility, simply turn on the game and go, you can enjoy them right away, with simple gameplay and very little instruction. Unlike other more complicated styles of game. The easy styling of these games makes them very attractive, and they can become addictive.

Perhaps the best thing about these games is the sheer number of options available, from match 3 and bubble shooters to fun horse games and family adventures. Being able to care for a baby or animals is fun, and the benefit of these casual games is that you can do so and still take the time to do other things without the stress.

Let’s take a look at Big Farm, a game where you can create your own farm, full of crops, animals, and buildings. How much you play is up to you, and there are many options for you to enjoy the game whenever you want. If you play more, you can have a bigger farm with more stuff, if you play less you can still enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and make the farm you want.

The most recent addition to casual games is the runner style, like Icy Run where you are constantly moving through an adventure and having to dodge or collect items. What makes this one special is its unique gameplay where you are able to completely create the path that the penguin follows by drawing lines of ice.

Casual games are here to stay, and that’s a pretty good thing as it gives us all the chance to enjoy games whenever we want, however, we want. With such a huge range of games to pick from in a variety of styles, there is going to be a game for you, and we hope you have found the one you really enjoy.

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