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3 Games like Love Island: The Game

Rate this Article Enjoyed playing Love Island: The Game? Here are 3 more similar games for you to enjoy! Virtual Worlds Land! - 3 Games like Love Island: The Game

Based on one of UK’s most popular dating reality TV show, ITV’s Love Island, Love Island: The Game offers players the rare opportunity to play as one of the 12 hot singles who is sent off to a beautiful yet remote island in Fiji. Here, you’ll get to meet and flirt with various eligible bachelors, engage in some entertaining drama, and decide which outfit to wear in hopes of finally catching the eye of and hooking up with your favorite guy.

If this sounds like fun, well, hold onto your horses - here are 3 other games that offer a similar experience.

Episodes: Choose Your Story

The story is divided in several episodes in Episodes: Choose Your Story. Every decision that you make changes the path of the narrative. This means that you get multiple endings in every playthrough. You can choose from a variety of stories from the virtual shelves. The first episodes of each of them are free and you may need to pay to access the next episode but you can also wait for the next day to get free passes. There are a variety of themes in these stories like vampire stories, space adventure and many more. You can even create your own story using the game’s easy-to-use story editor or you can play stories made by other players.

Choices: Stories You Play

As the name suggests, you are given a series of choices to help decide the fate of your character in your chosen story. You are given 2 choices at critical points of the game. The first choice you have to make is whether you want to play a Fantasy or Romantic story. Your choices also affect your relationships with characters in the story. You also make choices like in one medieval story where you choose to defend your honor by slapping the prince or earning the favor of the princess that would later become the queen. The game many brilliantly written stories that can get you hooked thanks to the efforts of the game’s writers.

However, please take note that Choices: Stories You Play requires an internet connection when you start the game for it to download the files needed in the story.

Chapters: Interactive Stories

Chapters: Interactive Stories offers a variety of stories with almost all genres that you can think of. Each story has excellent plot twists that keeps you engaged until the end. You start off by choosing how your character looks then you give them a nickname. The story then proceeds to a series of dialogues and realistic detailed backgrounds. You have to make a series of decisions that alter the story line. There are some decisions that require gems but these premium decisions make the game more interesting. You can earn gems by finishing chapters or you can also earn them from periodic free gift packs in the game.

All of these games contain exciting and detailed romantic stories with nice animated graphics, plenty of twists and turns, and a selection of endings for you to discover. They are all “choose your own adventure” games and such, they do offer a number of varied stories in addition to romance-oriented ones. They are all for free with some premium options, though if you want to get the best ending, you might need to spend some premium gems. Try them all now.

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