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Features We Want Added to Second Life

Rate this Article While Second Life is an amazing game, we have a few things more that we want to be added, and here they are! Virtual Worlds Land! - Features We Want Added to Second Life

Second Life is one of the biggest names in the video game industry since it's one of the most, if not the most, popular virtual world games out there. The game has an enormous player-base which is a testament to how well designed and feature filled it is. Despite all the great things that it already has to offer, in this article we're going to nitpick a bit and talk about some things that could be added to second life in order to improve the already awesome experience in various different ways.

The following suggestions would go a long way in making Second Life an even greater game than it already is.

1. More Social Mini-Games
Mini-Games are without a doubt the biggest attractions of any virtual world game since they basically allow you to join up with fellow players and have great fun together but as of recent days, the amount of mini-games that actually allow you to play with others has decreased so one easy way to improve Second Life would be to simply add more mini-games that allow players to play together.

2. Flying Gear
Currently, Second Life is one of the very few virtual world games with a properly executed flying system but as it stands, flying is a fun experience but doesn't really look that spectacular since your character simply hovers in the air without any special effects and such. One way to improve this would be to add things like wings which will make the flying feel much more immersive and entertaining.

3. The Ability to Open Shops
Despite being one of the biggest, if not the biggest, virtual world game out there, Second Life still hasn't implemented the feature of letting players open their own shops. This is something that's been seen in various other top tier games in the genre and is something that if implemented into Second Life would truly make it head and shoulders above all other competition.

4. Larger Variety of Pets
As of right now, while yes you'll be able to get your very own virtual pets in the game, the options are still quite limited. The only pets you have access to as of right now are pretty basic animals like cats, dogs and horses and the game would straight up be a lot better if the variety of pets that you get to choose from would increase. Adding in some mythical creatures like dragons or unicorns might be a nice change of pace as well.

5. More Themes with Clothing and Apparel
Second Life offers players with a lot of different kinds of Clothing And Apparel to customize their character with but one shortcoming with these is the fact that the clothing is mostly generic styled and the amount of apparel that comes with actual themes is rather limited so adding a few items that come with themes such as dark, light or something along the lines of this would certainly be nice.

All said and done, while Second Life is in general a phenomenal game, all the suggestions mentioned above would definitely improve it by a fair amount. Regardless, we recommend that you try Second Life out to see for yourself all the enjoyment that it has to offer.

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