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Games Like Animal Jam

Rate this Article Animal Jam is a hugely popular children's virtual world, and there are a few more out there that bring a new experience, but are still just as good. Virtual Worlds Land! - Games Like Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a really exciting, fun filled game that gives its players a ton of enjoyable things to do. In this article we’ll discuss a bit about what makes Animal Jam such a fun game and then tell you about games that resemble it so that you may enjoy those as well.

Animal Jam’s main point of attraction is easily the amount of fun things you can do in it. Choose an animal of your own and customize it pretty much exactly according to your preferences. Find cool outfits for your animal to wear, collect rare items in your den and this list just keeps going on and on.

Other than being able to do a ton of fun stuff in the game, you’ll be able to meet other players just like you and socialize with each other and play some cool mini-games along the way.

The following games resemble Animal Jam quite closely and are as just as much enjoyable.

Petra’s Planet
Petra’s Planet is a game that has a giant world for you to explore and multitudes of mini-games for you to enjoy. Visit the beautifully designed regions of the game to get a taste of their brilliance and collect animal cards along your way to amplify the fun even more.

Moshi Monsters
While it might not be the most realistic concept, that doesn’t hold Moshi Monsters back from being a really fun game. Create a fascinating monster according to your likings, spruce up your own home by decorating it with beautiful items and invite your friends over to have a great time.

If there was a list of games that had the cutest design and characters, Chimpoo would be pretty high up that list. Create a dazzling Chimpoo of your very own, take it out to explore the vast world, socialize with other chimpoos to make new friends and play really cool games.

School of Dragons
It doesn’t really get any cooler than being able to own and raise a dragon of your own. Choose from a ton of different dragons and raise them while teaching them cool new tricks while you’re at it. Invite friends to play with you and enjoy some competitive action along with it all as you race against the dragons of your friends.

Franktown Rocks
Franktown Rocks is a game that isn’t afraid to take a step away from traditional design to create something that is truly unique. The game is like nothing you’ve seen before and is surely capable of delivering a fun filled experience. Create your own animal character and take it out on an adventure in a world where music is everywhere. Take your character out to play really fun games and buy items for it while decorating your house exactly the way you want it to.

All the games mentioned above are all packed with fun gameplay and will certainly make anyone who plays them quite happy. Each of these games is definitely worth trying out, we hope you have as much fun in them as we did.

Want to find and play more games like the ones you know and love? Drop by now!

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