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The First RPG Slot Released by Evoplay Entertainment

Rate this Article Let's take a deep dive into this amazing-looking, one-of-a-kind RPG slots! Virtual Worlds Land! - The First RPG Slot Released by Evoplay Entertainment

Renowned online game developer, Evoplay Entertainment announced the release of its first-ever role-playing game slot entitled, Dungeon: Immortal Evil. The hybrid game was launched early this year and is a product of more than one year of research and development utilizing the latest 3D gaming technology. Dungeon: Immortal Evil was specifically designed to be HTML5 compliant. Unlike its forerunners, the mechanics of this game will be very familiar to RPG gaming enthusiasts.

Dungeon: Immortal Evil Game Released in 2020

This RPG slots game follows a player’s avatar as he battles against monsters while accumulating loot throughout the game’s many different levels. With every spin is a challenging journey through a level filled with random numbers of monsters and with each win comes loot for the player to enjoy and accumulate. Although Dungeon has incorporated plenty of RPG elements and immersive gaming experience, this game still establishes and makes known its slots-based nature.

Evoplay Entertainment announces that wins and losses are still RNG based. Whether you are an RNG expert or otherwise, your success still comes down to the sheer luck of your spin and of course, following the RNG algorithm.

Dungeon: Immortal Evil is testament to Evoplay Entertainment’s commitment to push boundaries in coming up with an innovative and exciting online casino gaming experience for its patrons and reel in new players, too. They dedicated more than a year to research and develop a game designed for next-generation players who appreciate interactive and immersive gaming experience that is beyond the traditional spin and win slots.

Dungeon: Immortal Evils is the first RPG slots game and is expected to inspire a whole new wave of online casino games featuring RPG elements.

Dungeon and Its Exciting and Unique Storyline

Dungeon takes online casino players on an exciting adventure with a movie-style plot featuring the game’s primary character. The Dungeon hero sets out to avenge the death of his family by passing through a mountain temple where evil creatures lurk and are waiting for his arrival.

The players will spin the reels and watch their character move forward and battle the creatures with weapons on hand. With each spin, players need to fight against the evil characters to earn prizes based on the outcome of the fight. As Dungeon is still considered an online slot game, the wins and losses are still based on RNG, which means no extra skills are required to play this game.

Truly, Dungeon has elevated the gaming experience among long-time casino players and is gaining more traction with next-generation players who are RPG enthusiasts and have never played online slots games in the past. Dungeon is a product of creativity to deliver a top-quality game for online casino partners.

Game Review

The release of Dungeon brings something new and fun to the online casino industry. It delivers a whole new perspective to traditional slots games that one encounters across online casinos. It’s not like the majority of slots that feature reels or paylines. New players and regular casino players will be in for a big surprise once they try out Dungeon: Immortal Evil.

Defeat Evil Creatures through Medieval Castles
This RPG-style slot cannot be compared to any existing slots game online. Surely, Dungeon: Immortal Evil might not be to everyone’s taste, but it is something different that is worth a try. The game is very similar to a regular RPG video game with payouts awarded to players once they defeat the evil creatures. This will be a guaranteed hit for gamers who play online casino, too.

The game’s background is a castle’s interior featuring open walls. The scenes are studded with medieval-inspired decors and snow-covered mountains outdoors. This is the perfect battlefield that will awaken the warrior in every gamer who takes it for a spin. The music is tense but heroic, just like in traditional RPG games, and it raises the chill and thrill while playing the game.

Dungeon: Immortal Evil: Character

The symbols used are some of the most interesting elements of the game as they are made from various collared monsters. The graphics are cartoon-inspired and the hero is embodied by a fierce muscular warrior. In this game, you will also see a mimic symbol in the form of a bear trap with teeth, one which can be very useful in times of battle.

The way by which payouts are awarded will seem a bit confusing at the beginning but it will become easier to understand once you get familiar with the mechanics of the game.

Every monster carries 5 different loot types that offer different wins. The white monsters are designated as common, the blue-coloured ones are uncommon, the yellow ones are rare, the violet-coloured ones are epic, and finally, the orange ones are designated as legendary. The loot goes as high as 5000x the win, which makes players strive to finish the game to get them all. The minimum bet that a player can make is $0.10 and the maximum bet is 100 coins per spin. Dungeon is assessed as a medium to highly-volatile game with a 96.20% RTP.

Eliminate Evil at All Costs
The elements and features were designed to be both interesting and captivating. The game offers a Free Spins feature that is activated when the hero runs through a random portal that appears any time a gamer is playing.

The scenery may switch from castle to dungeon, and vice versa. The castle has a total of seven rooms, with the last room showcasing an enormous monster inside. Each of the rooms awards a chest of objects to the hero, which he can use to win over the last monster. Players can get their weapons and armour upgraded up to 3 levels. The player may lose before reaching the 7th room since he is a mortal for the Free Spins round. When defeated, the player goes back to the main game with a satisfying win altogether.

The mimic symbol appears randomly and can be a bit tricky for some players. But after the hero defeats all monsters, he is guaranteed to receive 5 types of random loot for bigger wins in the main game. This will be a bit perplexing at the beginning but once you start playing the RPG element of the game, the pieces will slowly fall together. You will then enjoy the big payouts and have a great time playing at the same time.

Dungeon Gameplay and Design
When we evaluate Dungeon’s gameplay and design, this game is reminiscent of traditional RPG video games. For players who grew up with video gaming consoles and PC games like World of Warcraft and The Witcher, they will find themselves right at home in this online slots game. This game comes packed with a rich storyline, exciting fight scenes, and immersive action that no slots game has delivered in the past.

At the end of the day, players need to keep in mind that the game follows slots mechanics, which are quite simple and straightforward. The slots element has a one-line, five-slot design that doesn't technically spin but delivers payouts depending on the outcome of battles against the evil creatures. Classic slots enthusiasts will find the gaming format different, but not enough to make them switch from their traditional fruit-machine slots games.

The unprecedented gameplay will be exciting for first-time RPG players. Every slay yields a sizable loot which is displayed in various types. In essence, the loot corresponds to slot symbols with each type of antagonist carrying a different multiplier that applies to the symbol. The outcome of battles influences the value of the wins. The resulting piles of loot have corresponding symbols on them that can add to a win similar to those from traditional slots games.

Dungeons Special Symbols and Features
When you make bigger bets, your rewards also get better. This is also applicable when you play the RPG game in turbo mode. Here are the special features of the game:

· Mimic is a monster that resembles a chest outfitted with fangs and claws. When you fight against the mimic, you will be awarded bonuses in the form of 5 different loot types.

· Chests are installed throughout the rooms and contain 5 different types of loot as well.

· Big Game is when you receive a notification that you will be battling against five different monsters, with one of them giving you a high probability of getting five times the loot.

· Bad Company is when you receive a notification that you will battle against five monsters with one that has a high probability of up to two times your loot.

· Dungeon is a bonus achievement you can reach when you enter a portal. This bonus level is the Free Spins feature that you typically see in traditional slots games. The Dungeon features 6 rooms with monsters with the 7throom bearing the biggest of them all. All 6 rooms have chests and huge loots that will get you ready to fight the biggest monster in the 7th room.

Dungeon: Immortal Evil: Gameplay

Players also get to see 8 ordinary monster symbols:
· Acolyte
· Evil
· Gargoyle
· Imp
· Inferno
· Scary Spider
· Skeleton
· Succubus

Cutting-Edge Game Design
The game features vibrant colours, bright designs, and smooth animation that are all characteristic of RPG games of the early 2000s. Dungeon brought all of these hallmark RPG elements, but this time into the world of online slots. This game also proves how far Evoplay Entertainment have come since the launch of their 3D slot, Necromancer.

The exciting storyline isn’t just an excuse for their RPG design and graphics, as it is considered a crucial element of the game itself. The equipment and health condition of your warrior hero affects the results as well as your winnings. On occasion, random events will activate cut sequences that enrich the narrative and provide a wider perspective over the realm of the game.

Your hero will evolve and be surrounded by real RPG elements. When you start the game, you will be given a weapon that you will be using to fight against the evil creatures and monsters. Along with your armour comes your health and skill level. When your health starts deteriorating as you progress, you can use health potions from your loot to strengthen and revive yourself. You can upgrade your weapons and armour as you collect more loot through all levels. When you are playing in turbo mode by double-clicking the spin button, you have the chance to enhance your attack mode and winning abilities, too.

Dungeons: Immortal Evil is teeming with features, treats, random events, and bonuses that you can reap from the RPG elements of the game. A few of these bonuses and treats will come in the form of new weapons and armour. Others will be chests filled with mystery loot which will be helpful as you battle across the different levels. But you also need to be careful with your loot as some are enemies in camouflage.

Complicated and challenging fights with special antagonists bring bigger chances of huge winnings. If you are teleported into the dungeon with the biggest and final round boss, you are rewarded with the biggest wins.


Dungeon: Immortal Evil delivers an interesting and refreshing gaming experience to traditional slots gamers. And although it offers a slightly different gameplay, the main concept of winning will still be based on RNG.

Being the first RPG slots games, Dungeon: Immortal Evil is a thrilling title that everyone should try. This very unique concept still incorporates the use of random number generators common in traditional online casino slots. And with a 5000x win potential, it is a game that you should immerse in when you find yourself tired of spinning reels in classic slots from your favourite online casino platform.

With the game’s excellent animation, amazing graphics, thrilling sounds, and exciting battles, you are definitely in for a wild and fun experience while amassing massive winnings for every triumphant win against monsters across all levels.

In all, we highly recommend slots players to try out Dungeon: Immortal Evil from Evoplay Entertainment.

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