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5 Halloween Themed Games to Match the Season

Rate this Article Get a hold of five wonderful virtual world game titles to hand you some ghostly Halloween vibe to enjoy, in this special Halloween article treat! Virtual Worlds Land! - 5 Halloween Themed Games to Match the Season

Seeded by the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain (the first day of November, celebrated by the ancient Celts as a festival marking the beginning of winter), Halloween has always been fastened with ghosts, spirits, and ghoul stories of some sort – due to the ancient belief that the change of seasons opens up a connection to the spirit world.

And so today, we piled up a short list of games to bewitch you not only with their varied challenges and polish, but also to share some twists and creeps intertwined with the celebrated seasonal occasion. A total of 5 wonderfully executed games from different developers – that shall lend you an exhilarating sense of enjoyment to match the Halloween festivities.

To get us started with the list, we have the spooky-themed virtual simulation Facebook game Charmcraft Hollow. Here, the players are given the extremely rare chance to possess the power to move and control the earth and create beautiful wonders that every other society will envy. Players assume the role of a wizard with the ability to conjure the earth’s powers in order to build wonders.

The players’ task is to rebuild the wonder that was once-lost in Charmcraft Hollow. In the game, players will have to put up buildings and wonderful structures in order convince the powerful Magical Parks Society—the governing body for wizards—that Charmcraft Hollow is a magical society that must be saved and not abolished.

Second on our list is Halloween City. In the game, one gets to breed and take care of monsters in the creepy Halloween City. Recruit minions to your city to run the farms for you so you could feed and grow your monsters into their most formidable form. There are quite a range of habitat types for the different monsters - based on various elements such as fire, earth, air, water, and others. If you have a penchant for the creepy stuff or even if you just want to get into the mood for Halloween, Halloween City is a greatly themed fun game that packs the punch.

Quickly following this game is Hotel Transylvania. Loosely based on the movie hit, players assume the role of the famous Dracula, the hotel’s owner and manager, who must build his hotel from the ground up and make it grow into a hotel that must leave the rest of the world in awe. The Hotel Transylvania Social Game is a game based on the 3D-animated movie Hotel Transylvania which revolves around the story of monsters spending their much-awaited vacation in a hotel strictly for monsters only—as monsters, it appears, actually fear humans.

In the game, players won’t be starting with the hotel's prime existence. What they have to do is build a hotel from scratch - with the daunting task of putting together a hotel that must “wow” the monster world, players are guided by none other than the boss himself, Dracula.

To put you more on a creepy side of gaming, we recommend the game, Ghost Tales. Upon arriving at the dreaded Ghost Town, Anna is surprised when she finds the ghost of her Grandfather in the house the address in the letter directed her to. Anna’s grandfather, shocked at seeing Anna, tries to escape. Anna then struggles to run after her grandfather to get some answers. This chase happens to be the first-ever quest the player shall engage in—and that is, to find Anna’s grandfather and solve the mystery of her grandfather’s untimely demise and the obscure happenings around Ghost Town, where things have turned oddly strange and as evil creatures begin sprawling around the city.

On top of digging around for clues, players will also engage in battles against nasty evil creatures who are out to destroy Ghost Town. Every successful encounter with the monsters shall reward players with progress therein.

Last on our list is the game Here Be Monsters. Set in the real world of a fictional era, the game enlists you as an apprentice hunter set out to snare monsters that were corrupted by the effects of the Starium meteor debris, coming from the occasional meteor showers.

Although the game pertains to have the same continents, countries, and settings of the real world, the people living in it (including you) appear to be elves, harnessing the knowledge of trapping and magic. As a newly appointed Trapper, you are mainly tasked to trap and cure monsters that have been overwhelmed by corruption.

All-in-all, these short list of games took great effort in providing us with the basic staples of virtual games under one roof. They offer lots of things to do in the game that is accompanied by the creepy theme to set you some Halloween mood and appeal to it. Nonetheless, they secure a social aspect to them - to have on your side co-gamers to transact, interact, and get creep out with.

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