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Why Friends Are Important in Facebook Games

Rate this Article Friends are the centerpiece of gaming on Facebook. Let's find out why! Virtual Worlds Land! - Why Friends Are Important in Facebook Games

When you play games in Facebook, you will definitely receive notifications from the game that you have to send out free gifts to your friends who are also playing the game. In fact, you’ll find that having friends is at the center of gaming in Facebook.

This is in line with Facebook’s de facto mission – to bring people together and enable to share media of common interest with each other. This could mean photos of an event that people have attended together, information about a school that people are alumni in, or simply stuff that is of mutual interest between groups of individuals.

Games are, of course, an object of common interest. That is why you will learn as you play games that social interaction is a built-in feature of almost every game in Facebook. So, what importance do Facebook friends have when playing these online games?

First, Facebook friends help you unlock certain features in the game. In Cityville, for example, friends will be able to send you the materials needed in order to build a community building. These buildings are necessary for raising the cap on your population in that game, so they are vital to your City. To build them, you will need certain materials that you will have to ask friends to send along your way. Alternatively, you can purchase these materials using Cash, which needs to be replenished with real currency if you run out of those.

Second, friends can give you bonuses by visiting. Games like Pet Society let people visit other players’ pets to feed them, hug them or give them a bath. In Happy Aquarium, people can visit and clean other users’ aquariums. This allows both players to gain coins and experience, which is definitely a win-win situation.

Finally, Energy is of a finite amount in Facebook games. Unfortunately, Energy is very necessary for accomplishing certain actions in-game. While it does regenerate over time, players are forced to abandon their cities, their aquariums or their pets temporarily so that they can stock up on Energy. However, if you have plenty of friends playing the same game, you can post a request for Energy on your wall. They can then help you replenish your energies faster.

This is why some people are known to create separate accounts or profiles in Facebook intended specifically for gaming. There are gaming communities in Facebook that lets people playing the same game interact and share stuff with each other. Of course, they can add each other up so they can help each other in the games that they’re mutually interested in.

Joining these communities will certainly be to your advantage. They’re not difficult to find; each game, if they’re popular enough, are backed by groups populated with players. You can simply search for these groups in Facebook. You’ll actually be surprised at how many of these groups are actually in Facebook.

Don’t hesitate to join, or send a join request because it will result to a whole new gaming experience for you in the world’s most popular social networking site.

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