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Why You should Play Bloom! Share Flowers With the World

Rate this Article Why should you give this game at least an hour's trial? Virtual Worlds Land! - Why You should Play Bloom! Share Flowers With the World

Have you always wanted to not only breed flowers, but also to give them away as gifts to other people? Granted, you earn some money along the way but you get the chance to pursue your passion of sharing the gift of flowers to the whole world.

Well, starting a flowers business is definitely a little bit expensive. Sure, there are returns to be expected but you still need to maintain overhead expenses over a period of time, which will delay return of investment or ROI. Not to worry, however, because you can give yourself the chance to become a florist without having to put up any capital.

That is, except for the miniscule amount of money you need to pay to purchase the game from Big Fish.

So, without further adieu, allow us to introduce the game. It’s called Bloom! Share Flowers With the World. A very apt name, if you’ll ask anybody who has already played the game.

Now, Bloom! Share Flowers with the World is a very challenging time management game. If you’ve played time management games already, you’ll know that this is a genre that challenges you queuing and prioritization abilities. You’ll have to serve your customers as quick as you can, or else you’ll lose money and, worse, not meet the level’s goals so you’ll have to do it all over again.

Let’s look at the story for a little bit. The game deals with a young florist who, one day, contemplated on the many milestones of her life and realized that each one of them was made extra special by a bouquet of flowers that she received. Thus, she decided that she wants to share the happiness by -- you guessed it -- selling flowers to everyone!

One thing that you’ll definitely like about the game is that it messes up what you’ve been familiar with when it comes to time management games. The concept of FIFO or “First In, First Out” doesn’t work here. While some customers may want to sit at the lounge and browse your flower arrangement catalogs first, others will want to go ahead to choosing their flower vase, and go right ahead to flower arrangement.

Others will also want to go ahead to paying for their orders and not pass by the accessories kiosk.

As things go along, you’ll have to keep an eye out on your supply of flowers. You can easily farm and plant flowers at the bottom right corner of the screen, but that takes time. You’ll have to be proactive here, so you have to plant and cultivate the flowers at exactly the right time - before the flowers run out.

Truly, this game will challenge everything that you know about time management. It’s also best experience instead of just talked about in a conversation, so go ahead and, at the very least, download a free 60-minute trial of the game on Big Fish.

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