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4 Pet-Based Virtual World Games Like Boonie Planet

Rate this Article If you loved Boonie Planet, then you’d certainly appreciate these four other similar games as well. Virtual Worlds Land! - 4 Pet-Based Virtual World Games Like Boonie Planet

Boonie Planet has made its mark by being more than just entertaining for the little ones and their parents, but for being both safe and educational as well!

If you loved the game, then you’d certainly appreciate these four other similar games as well.

Let’s start with Webkinz. Just like Boonie Planet, Webkinz offers a safe environment for the young ones to play, learn, interact and take care of their virtual pets.

There are plenty of stuff that they can do here in Webkinz. First, they can join chat rooms and talk with other children their age. They can also enter their own houses and design their rooms, like the norm in any virtual world sim.They also get to learn a bit about responsibility by taking care of their virtual pets. They’d have to provide for their needs, and to do that they’ll need to earn some in-game income.

How does the game make that possible? Well, players are encouraged to take on certain actions like playing mini-games, all of which are designed to be appealing and fun-filled for young children and perhaps also for the adults who are still young at heart. While having fun, they also get to earn free in-game cash!

Lastly, Webkinz has security features that are designed to protect the identities of the young ones against those who might want to take advantage of anonymity to push through with their untoward intentions.

If your child is the sort that possesses a thirst for knowledge, then they will certainly love Animal Jam. This is a virtual world sim developed by National Geographic, and is aimed towards teaching children about wild animals. Of course, this is facilitated by letting your kids take care of these animals as pets.

Because it is developed by National Geographic, there are features within the game that incorporates highly educational documentaries that have been produced by the channel. These include videos by popular marine biologist Dr. Tierney, from whom kids can certainly learn a lot of stuff.

As a parent, you have full control and access over the actions your children can take as members of the virtual community in Animal Jam. You can set a limit as to how much time they can spend in-game, and you’re made aware if they’ve created an account because they will need your consent and email address.

Moshi Monsters, on the other hand, puts on a collectible twist on the virtual world genre. In here, you have to capture and collect creatures known as Moshlings and make them your pets. You’d also need to pursue some agriculture here, as growing plants is necessary for you to obtain your Moshlings.

Outdo other players in decorating your home. Take your pet out to meet other people, and play a lot of engaging and fun games!

Finally, we have Neopets. Here in Neopets, you have all the power in the world to mold your pet into your, perhaps, your own image. Explore the game world and find exciting games that you can play together with your pet, and earn points. These points are necessary for building up your stash of neopoints, which are basically the game’s currency.

Neopets has quite a large world, and you will find yourself wanting to explore more of the map to find more new things that you can enjoy!

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