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Home Sweet Home vs Design This Home

Rate this Article Let's look at how Design This Home is different, or similar, to Home Sweet Home. Virtual Worlds Land! - Home Sweet Home vs Design This Home

The world is up for grabs when it comes to virtual world simulators. There are plenty of subjects or circumstances that these games can emulate, giving players a wide range of virtual experience that they can learn from without having to sample the real thing in real life. One such sub-genre of the virtual world genre is the interior design.

In this realm, there are two games that you might want to think about installing on your computer. Both are available through the Big Fish Game Manager app. These are, namely, Design This Home and Home Sweet Home.

Their names are amazingly similar, because of their classification, but the similarities end there. There are plenty of differences between the two. For you, as a player, downloading both won’t be an exercise in monotony: you can cycle between one and the other, but you won’t experience similar mechanics when playing.

First off, Design This Home is more relaxed in pace compared to Home Sweet Home. There’s no one hurrying you up to transform your bare-bones home into a stunning piece of interior design. There are goals and achievements to be had, but it all depends on what pace you set for your interior designing. There is no time limit, in other words.

When you order items for your home in Design This Home, it takes virtually hours for them to arrive, depending on the star rating. You can speed it up, of course, but you’ll have to spend premium in-game currency, which you can only refill with real cash.

Home Sweet Home, on the other hand, is a time management simulator. This means that you are pressed for time when you play this time. Instead of a single home, you’ll have to design a number of homes owned by several people.

This is because the game lets you take on the shoes of a budding interior design company. You have a team of designers that are standing ready to do tasks for you, as according to your client’s specifications. You have a limited budget and time with which to work for every level, as well. When you’ve played Design This Home first, you’ll find that this one takes on a much urgent air and moves at a faster pace.

In terms of income, Design This Home gives you an hourly income to work with. This income is increased with every addition of an appliance into your home, and accomplishment of certain goals. You don’t have certain specifications to work with; this is your home, so it’s really up to you how you spend your money, but you’ll have to wait until your hourly income is issued before you can do anything else.

In terms of graphics, Design This Home is slightly better than Home Sweet Home but the difference is not astronomical. You’d still have a kick watching the animated sprites of both games going about to design your dream home or your clients’ home.

Give these two games a try through Big Fish. You won’t regret it.

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