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Creating a Community in a Virtual World

Rate this Article Communities, like in real life, are a great place for netizens to gather in virtual worlds. How do you create your own community in a virtual world? Virtual Worlds Land! - Creating a Community in a Virtual World

A virtual world offers netizens so many things, and most of these are stuff that one cannot actually from the real world. That’s part of the appeal of a virtual world simulator – anyone can do what they want to do within this world, as the limits that exist are few and in between.

Aside from the removal of the limitations that society and culture imposes on an individual, the virtual world attempts to simulate the real world in many ways. As these worlds have been developed with an immense focus on the social aspects, one of the actions that a virtual world citizen can accomplish is to create their own communities within the world.

Communities in a virtual world work the same way as a real world community. There, the avatars of the virtual world’s users gather together and undertake some activity that defines the existence of the group. They can go on a virtual party and meet other people. They can gather together for, say, a role playing game wherein they dress their avatars with costumes to fill the roles they want to play.

Everything is possible in a virtual world community, the same way that sky is the limit to the stuff that you can do in the virtual world itself. First things first – how do you begin a community in a virtual world that you’re playing in?

First step, and probably the most time-consuming, is to find the people that will want to join you in your community. The best venues for this search are the community forums that are maintained together with the virtual world itself. In these forums, you can post threads and topics that will be discussed by the members of the virtual world. You can start by posting a thread calling on people to join your community.

You also must have a solid idea on what the community is going to be all about. It should be more than just a venue where you and your online friends could hang out. There should be, in essence, a common ground that all of you share that drives your interactions in that new community like a shared interest in movies, a mutual interest for a certain kind of art, etc.

Once you have that community set up, be active in it! You are essentially the first administrator of your community so you have to show that you’re active and dedicated to it. Set a time during the day to be online and manage your community; a couple of hours can make a difference, and could even attract your new members to add other people to the virtual community.

Administrating requires you to spend time chatting with your community’s members, and to police those that don’t have anything to contribute to the group but trouble. You need to build rapport with your members too so that they will be encouraged to interact and make the group active.

Last but not the least, join other communities as well. These communities in the virtual world are a great place to meet other people, and find those that you think will be a great fit to your community once they are invited.

Your community can be a great success in the virtual worlds if you take the time to research the members, interact with them and keep the environment lively. Enjoy your virtual world and your new friends!

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