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Can You Still Play Twinity?

Rate this Article Are you one of the Twinizens who want to know if the game is still accessible? Then read this article and find out if you can still play this game or not. Virtual Worlds Land! - Can You Still Play Twinity?

We've seen many virtual games in the past that have created their fantasy-themed worlds, or worlds depending on the type of audience they're targeting. But how about a virtual world that lets you navigate around virtual versions of real-world cities? That’s exactly what this creative virtual world game Twinity offers. This game was released in 2008, and ever since it first surfaced, it has become a hit among those who love virtual world games.

However, recently, there have been some issues due to which the game had to acquire new servers, and the only question that remains on the mind of every Twinizen is whether this game is playable anymore or not? Can they still access it and have their usual dose of fun? Well, that's precisely what this article is about, to help you know if it still works and if you can still play it.

Twinity is alive , but with issues

Relaxing spot in Twinity

First of all, the answer to the big question is "YES," Twinity can still be played. But, there's a minor problem: the game is no longer operating on its old servers on which the game initially began.

Despite getting time-to-time updates from 2008 until now, the game still needed to acquire new servers, and no one really knows why that happened. Unfortunately, this is the case and is the reality that every Twinizen has to face. It can be a little saddening to see your favorite game going through some significant changes, but there was nothing that the fans could do.

To make things worse, the game started encountering so many incompatibilities even after the new change of servers. The company claimed that they made updated the game all the time, and everything was done to provide the same old seamless experience.

However, despite their best efforts, the incompatibilities still persisted. Of course, this didn't make their fans happy because the game they love kept experiencing more issues. For those die-hard Twinizens, the good news is that the game didn't get shut down, and you can still play it, but, unfortunately, the experience isn't as intriguing as it was before the servers got changed.

Games similar to Twinity

Party in Twinity

We cannot bring the game back to its old self, but we can help you get familiar with some fantastic virtual world games similar to Twinity. Since many fans love the genre, there are tons of similar experiences like Socio Town, Blue Mars, vSide, and many other similar titles that you'd indeed find gripping. For more recommendations, be sure to check out our list of games like Twinity for more suggestions.

All said and done, and the game is still there. Maybe not in its former glory that was adored by thousands of people, but it's still there, so you can enjoy Twinity or try other games that we've recommended.

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