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Mobile Or PC: Where Is Better For Playing Online Poker?

Rate this Article Is mobile or a PC better for playing online poker games? We explore the pros and cons of both devices to help you decide the best for you. Virtual Worlds Land! - Mobile Or PC: Where Is Better For Playing Online Poker?

Online poker gaming has been growing for many years, with more players than ever now looking to the web for their gaming fix.

Gamers might choose to enjoy online poker on a desktop computer or laptop, however, mobile technology has come a long way in recent years, This means that many poker players can now enjoy playing their game via their mobile device while on the go.

But when it comes to playing online poker on a PC or a mobile, which is the better device? We’ll explore the pros and cons of playing poker on mobile and on a PC to help you decide which one is best for you.

Mobile poker, or PC?

Gaming experience

The overall gaming experience heavily relies on good connectivity, especially during high-focus games such as poker. Assuming their internet connection at home is strong, players should be able to enjoy online poker on their PC without any issues. However, as mobile poker players have to rely on local WiFi connections or their own data, there is a greater risk of losing internet connection during games.

The size of the screen also factors into the quality of a player’s game experience during poker. As PCs have larger screens, they will provide a better overall viewing quality than a mobile device. Desktop computers also allow for tools, such as heads-up display (HUD) applications, that enable players to see opponent statistics and other useful information all on the one screen. This is particularly helpful when playing multiple tables and can help with players’ decision-making.


There are a multitude of poker apps that make playing the game online a much better experience on mobile devices for players than if they were using a regular web page. A well-designed mobile app can carry out actions much more smoothly than an ordinary webpage, and there are other benefits as well.

Mobile apps can allow for a more personal gaming experience in online poker than a PC web page provides. Players can personalize their preferences on the app; while the app itself can track players’ actions, thereby enabling it to offer customized recommendations.

There are also often exclusive offers to players that are available only on a poker gaming site’s app. Many major poker sites, such as the GGPoker platform, for example, have a good-quality mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Certainly, a big attraction for playing poker online is that it enables players to multi-table. Many mobile poker apps enable users to play multiple tables, however, the logistics of a smaller screen can make it more difficult to do this.

Regular players often comment on popular poker forums that it’s easier to make mistakes while multi-playing on their phones and that multi-tabling is much easier and more variable on a PC. A smaller screen can cause players to miss out on turns due to timeouts, whereas a larger screen on a PC will likely display all the tables being played.


There are pros and cons to playing online poker on both PC or mobile devices, but these really depend on individual preferences. While many users prefer to play online poker on their mobiles due to the perks of a designated app, there is a higher likelihood of typing mistakes.

Playing from mobile is certainly more convenient for players who are out and about, but it has many limitations that PC doesn’t have. A desktop computer is definitely the preferable option for players who are more interested in-game statistics and is a better device in terms of limiting accidental clicks. However, players on a PC can miss out on the exclusive bonuses and benefits that are available to users of mobile apps.

When it comes to online poker, players have to decide what they want from a game in order to determine whether mobile or PC is better for them.

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