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Why is Wizard 101 So Much Fun?

Rate this Article There’s no doubting the fact that when it comes to virtual world games, Wizard 101 is definitely one of the most fun releases in the genre. However, in this article we’ll be analyzing why the game is considered so great and how it has managed to retain such a massive playerbase over the years, Virtual Worlds Land! - Why is Wizard 101 So Much Fun?

The very first thing that comes to mind when discussing the pros of this game is the fact that it is in no way a traditional virtual world release. The majority of games from this genre that surface today usually tend to play out within the boundaries of reality and limit themselves to standard day-today tasks. That however isn’t the case in Wizard 101 and due to this the game can implement some great things that other virtual worlds simply cannot such as the concept of magic.

To get things going, it’d be best to start off by stating that the game world of Wizard 101 is absolutely enormous. From highly populated cities where there are bright lights everywhere to snowy mountain peaks where only a few dare to go, there are a lot of places to explore in this massive game world. The best part about this is the fact that each area doesn’t only look different but feels different as well. For instance, in a populated city area you’ll mostly encounter standard people but in an isolated icy are you’re bound to run into a dragon or two.

Speaking of dragons, those are just a few of the many amazing mounts that you get to utilize in this game. While most traditional virtual world games are usually limited to a horse for this purpose, Wizard 101 holds nothing back and allows players to tame mythical creatures such as dragons or unicorns which they can then utilize to take a ride across the breathtaking world. There’s no better feeling than riding across the sky on the back of a dragon and watching everything happening below from a bird’s eye view.

Alongside mounts, you also have pets in Wizard 101. While most of the standard animals are available for petting, there are also some great non-traditional pets that you can have as your own companions. The talking owl comes to mind when discussing such pets. Having a pet just enhances the experience so much more as you’ll always have a companion to share all the good times with.

If you look a bit deeper into Wizard 101’s gameplay, you’ll see that it comes with some pretty amazing mini-games as well. There are both single player and multiplayer mini-games which means that whether you have a friend with you or are just flying solo, you’ll have a way to enjoy the game regardless which is rather remarkable.

All things considered, Wizard 101 is without a doubt one of the best virtual world games out there and the reasons we’ve mentioned above barely scratch the surface of why it’s such a fun game. Needless to say, we recommend trying this game out because there’s just so much enjoyment to be had in it.

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