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Virtual Pets

Rate this Article Pets have become a part of almost every social world, what is it about these virtual pets that means players create and look after them? Virtual Worlds Land! - Virtual Pets

In many of the virtual worlds you are able to own, raise and look after your own pets. In a few worlds the main theme is these cute animals themselves. Often these are more aimed at the younger generations, but virtual pets are still a big feature in any virtual world.

One of the first things you notice about any pet is how good it looks, from the humble cat all the way up to exotic creatures real and imagined. If a pet looks good, people will want to collect them.

With such a high standard of graphics available for virtual worlds it is no surprise that the pets look stunning. From the very realistic actions of puppies and kittens to creating unicorns and dragons the only real limit to your pets is your imagination.

A big part of some virtual worlds is collecting those rare or hard to find pets. Sometimes this can involve games or special events aimed at collecting pets. In some games the aim is purely to create the best collection of pets to then show off or compete with other players.

But with the creativity and ever expanding worlds available, the fun does not stop there. We are able to dress our pets in anything that we wish, superhero costumes to making their fur pink and yellow. The possibilities are endless and that adds a huge amount of fun for us when we can personalise them in such a way.

Virtual worlds allow us to step into places that we may not be able to in real life, and that also translates to our pets. In a virtual environment we are able to look after and care for animals in a way that may not be possible otherwise. This ability to create that connection is one that is rarely found anywhere else.

But pets do not need to be quite so realistic, in many cases having a cute creature that acts like a pet or follows you round can bring that same sense of joy and ownership. This applies more to the games aimed at children, but still can be found in almost any world.

Looking after and training can also be a big part of the attraction of virtual pets. Coming back to make your pet the best at something is a rewarding experience, whether its the fastest horse or the most skilled at a particular game.

Being the owner of that pet can also bring game rewards as well as social recognition, and even place you in a position of respect. This is a truly unique aspect of virtual pets, one that is difficult to pin down but feels real none the less.

No matter what virtual world you play within, you will be able to find, raise and look after your own pet. Be that a real or imagined creature you are responsible for them. But they will also reward you with activities, or just look really good as you explore your chosen world.

Virtual pets are here to stay with us, and that can only be a good thing. Our world would be a much poorer place without our pets, and this is also very true of the virtual worlds we choose to place ourselves in. All worlds are a better place with pets in them.

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