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Top 10 Trending Players in FIFA 23

Rate this Article Hundreds of color cards have already been released in FIFA 23. EA Sports has given them away to many famous football players, so you can easily assemble your dream team. Virtual Worlds Land! - Top 10 Trending Players in FIFA 23

This game has considerably less content complexity than, say, MMORPGs, but it still has some challenges. For instance, a player must invest a lot of time into the game in order to gain in-game cash to create a victorious football squad. Fut coins are used as money. For easy access to cash, many players prefer to use boosting services and buy fifa coins there. This is a legitimate service that will simplify the game so you can enjoy it.

We recently analyzed the most popular players of the new part. And what cards do fifers like the most? For the ranking, we used Futbin user ratings. The difference between likes and dislikes of FUT 23 cards released before March 2023 was taken into account.

Be sure to pick any of these players in FIFA 23

10. Cristiano Ronaldo (+6309 likes)

Cristiano Ronaldo has gone through the most difficult period of his career. The scandalous departure from MU and the failure at the World Cup upset the fans, and the Portuguese went to the Saudi Al-Nasr. Ronaldo's card in FIFA 23 was also greatly worsened. Especially got speed: it fell to 81st and noticeably weakened the striker.

But Fifers still love the Portuguese. Cristiano's base card overtook the young Erling Haaland to become the best in Ultimate Team in terms of likes. A bug with a long type of acceleration masked the loss of speed in the first months of the game, so the players enjoyed the great striker to their heart's content.

9. Matteo Politano (+6676 likes)

The appearance of Matteo Politano at the top is a phenomenon. The Italian's basic card is a standard gag that Serie A fans changed at the first opportunity. But this season, EA left the fans of the Italian league behind, and Politano's winter IPC for 100,000 coins became a must-have.

8. Said Al Owairan (+6879 likes)

Said Al-Owayran a hero from Saudi Arabia. He is popular for his 99 paces and also plays in the important positions of forward, right winger, and attacking midfielder. Due to the unpopular league, the Saudi card is cheaper than stars with similar stats, besides, it is always played for three diamonds. During the winter, the economy of the game broke down and the players recruited lineups from the legends, so the cost of Al Owairan even increased.

7. Arno Danjuma (+7470 likes)
Former Villarreal midfielder Arnaud Danjoum's card is one of the first great SBCs in FUT 23. The low-cost 50k coin build gave players an attacking top with dribbling (86) and a cool finish (88). An additional bonus of the card is the connection with the Netherlands.

6. Ismael Bennacer (+8551 likes)

Ismael Bennacer's SBC is another cool early-game build. The dynamic card cost only 30,000 coins and for Milan's success in the group stage of the Champions League, it raised the Algerian's rating to 87. Bennacer with Shadow looks solid even now.

5. Xabi Alonso (+8720 likes)

Xabi Alonso is also in trend! Spanish legend cards suffer from slow speed and are not popular with players. This year, EA has come up with a new batch of events, one of them being the Legends of TOTY. Xabi Alonso got a significant speed boost (80) and finally made it into the fan roster.

4. Dimitri Payet (+9582 likes)

Every year the Fifers look forward to Dimitri Payet's card with great impatience. The French techie played a lot on the flank and never stood out for his speed, and with age, his characteristics became even worse. Special cards saved: Payet's low model with excellent dribbling flew perfectly into the position of an attacking midfielder. The New Year's card of the Frenchman in FIFA 23 again pleased the players.

Football player kicking the ball

3. Gareth Bale (+13318 likes)

In the summer of 2022, Gareth Bale ended a painful breakup with Real Madrid and moved to Los Angeles. EA wiped out the Welshman's base stats, but star status promised him a solid improvement during the season. In December, Bale was given the World Cup History card, and in January, the developers released the premium SBC for 100 thousand coins and some of the best stats in the game. The new card has the perfect hitting power, free throws, and heading (all 99) and a fun bonus with a rearrangement to the left back.

2. Sebastian Aller (+14878 likes)

The popularity of Sebastian Aller is associated with non-football reasons. The Ivorian striker missed half of the season due to a battle with cancer: he had two successful operations and returned to the field in January. The performance is still lame, but the fans support Aller - health is the most important thing.

1. Angel Di Maria (+20004 likes)

Angel Di Maria is the most liked player in FIFA 23. He made it to the World Cup 2022 Symbolic Team and received a 100k coin build with good performance. Di Maria's card is a pleasant surprise for fifers who are used to EA's unprincipled events.


FIFA video games feature a lot of well-known football players. Licensed teams from all around the globe, including many of the best clubs and national sides, may be found in FIFA games. Some of the most trending and accomplished athletes in the sport are represented in this article. FIFA games are a favorite among both casual and die-hard football fans because they feature player ratings and statistics that are consistently updated to match real-world performances.

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