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Top 5 Restaurant Simulation Games in 2022

Rate this Article Scroll through this article and find out which restaurant simulation games have been the best in 2022. Virtual Worlds Land! - Top 5 Restaurant Simulation Games in 2022

There are multitudes of restaurant simulation games available as of right now, and there seems to be a new release every other day, given how popular this genre is. Fortunately for the players, though, we've gone through the vast list of available restaurant simulation games and picked out the absolute cream of the crop. If you're on the hunt for a high-end simulator game but don't necessarily want to waste a lot of time browsing through massive lists to find it, this list article is for you.

The next restaurant simulator games are those that have stayed on top in the year 2022:

1: Bear’s Restaurant

Bear's Restaurant

Starting with one of the best from the lot, Bear's Restaurant is a sublime restaurant management and simulation game that takes the tried and true fundamentals and bring them in a beautiful cartoon-inspired setting. The game has quite a bit of longevity to it and features fun content to ensure players remain hooked for hours, so do give this game a try.

2: Hungry Hearts Diner Neo

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo

Another stellar game on the list is Hungry Hearts Diner Neo. The game offers a unique restaurant management and cooking experience where you'll meet and interact with unique customers. You'll get to unlock tons of new recipes, and the upgrading system is also quite fun, so there's no reason why this game shouldn't be on your radar.

3: Selera Nusantara: Chef Story

Selera Nusantara: Chef Story

Selera Nusantara: Chef Story is a fantastic and highly absorbing restaurant-themed time management game in which you'll be filling the shoes of an inspiring young lady named Siska who has learned hundreds of amazing dishes from her grandma. The game doesn't necessarily bring anything out of the box to the table, but it still manages to provide a thoroughly entertaining gameplay experience by executing the tried and true fundamentals of this genre with absolute perfection. The content variety and stellar visuals ensure players stay hooked on this game for hours.

4: Cat Restaurant

Cat Restaurant

You and your furry friends are all set for an adventurous and fun ride. Cat Restaurant is an awesome restaurant management game in which you'll be joining hands with a bunch of funny cats who'll be serving the most delicious dishes to their customers. The game is filled with endless content and many recipes to unlock, and considering how much longevity it offers, it sure does get our vote as one of the best games of this genre.

5: Dating Restaurant

Dating Restaurant

Nothing quite like a good date with your crush, right? Dating Restaurant is a fabulous and highly engrossing idling simulation and restaurant management game in which you'll be creating your very own café. The thing that will make players keep coming back is that the game has an insane amount of content to offer. Players can unlock multitudes of dishes as they progress through the game; the more recipes you unlock, the more dates you'll have coming to your restaurant.

All in all, this genre is loaded with games, but if you're on the hunt for the best ones from 2022, the aforementioned games are truly exceptional.

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