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Live Concerts in Virtual Worlds

Rate this Article Virtual World games are all about capturing the essence of reality and mimicking it within a game to give players an enjoyable experience in which they’re able to live out the life of their dreams and do things that they normally wouldn’t do in the real world. In this article we’ll be talking about the most recent advancement in these games which is the addition of actual concerts. Virtual Worlds Land! - Live Concerts in Virtual Worlds

Virtual World games do come with certain restrictions since they’re video games after all and it’s not possible to replicate every single aspect of life within a game. However, it seems like things that were deemed impossible in the past are slowly becoming in a reality in these games. Some of the top tier virtual world games have taken things to the next level by implementing actual live concerts that the players can attend. These concerts are exactly like real world concerts except of course for the fact that their being held within a game instead of real life.

The first ever actual virtual world concert took place in Second Life which is honestly not that surprising since this game is basically one of the very best games that this genre has to offer. The entire process was exactly like that of a real world concert; first and foremost, tickets went on sale. People had to pay the in-game currency to purchase their tickets through which they were going to attend the concert. Then, like it also happens in the real world, tickets ran out so players were trying to make quick money by selling off their tickets to those players who were willing to pay some considerably high sums of money.

The actual event was an absolute spectacle and was surprisingly well executed. The surprise came from the fact that this was after all the first ever concert to ever happen in a virtual world game and it was still pulled off with absolute perfection. The concert hall was filled with 1200 people and every single person who managed to acquire a pass was attending the concert. What made the whole thing feel truly genuine was the fact that only the people who had tickets could watch and experience it live in all its glory, the others who failed to acquire a ticket had to wait for videos and such to come out before they could finally see it.

The concert featured a full-fledged bar where players could purchase snacks and drinks for their characters which was a pretty impressive feature. Alongside this, there was tons of socialization as people were talking to each other and many new friendships were being forged which is exactly how it happens in a real world concert.

Overall, it’s pretty incredible how far virtual world games have advanced. The first ever live concert was amazing and people were able to bond due to their mutual interest towards the whole event. We certainly hope to see more concerts in the future of Second Life and we also hope that other virtual world games pick up on this idea.

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