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Can You Still Play Miscrits

Rate this Article Scroll through this article and find out what was the reason behind the shutting down of one of the most loved virtual world games, Miscrits. Virtual Worlds Land! - Can You Still Play Miscrits

Miscrits was a massive name in the virtual games world, and if you're a fan of this genre, you probably would've heard about this game too. After seeing all the highs a game could see in terms of popularity and revenue generations, Miscrits saw a sudden decline in popularity, and then came a time when the game had to be shut down. The answer to your question about if you could still play Miscrits is "NO."

The game was shut down, and to this day, fans are still speculating as to what actually happened behind the scenes and what caused the game to shut down. Some say there were problems in the management, while others say the owners went bankrupt, and there are other theories as well. So, to help you learn, we'll be discussing the causes in detail.

Why did Miscrits shut down?

Pet in Miscrits

According to some experts, the primary cause behind the game getting shut down was the fact that it was a costly game to host. Due to the game being expensive, the revenue, along with the fan base, dipped, and there came a time when more money was being put into the game rather than being taken out of it. Due to this, the company thought about making it a mobile-based game, but that never really worked because a virtual game of Miscrits' stature was not really cut out for the mobile platform.

There are more theories about financial issues that the company and the game faced that could've led to the demise of this game. The game's breeding system required you to pay, and after a particular time, this aspect was removed, and there was no need to pay for breeding. Getting this cash from the breeding system was one of the game's significant ways of gaining money, and once that stopped, the income stopped. With all these recurring issues, the player base gradually decreased, and there came a time when no one wanted to play this game.

One huge reason, or maybe theory, is that the company's owners, Broken Bulb Studios, went bankrupt. This is regarded as one of the biggest reasons, and most people believe this is actually what happened because the owners stopped making any money after they faced financial issues because of the mismanagements made in the game. On the other hand, despite losing a lot of fans, there are still so many users out there who want this game to make a comeback so badly but let's be honest, we all know that's not happening.

Are there other alternatives?

If you're looking for a game that's similar to Miscrits, we have a few options for you like Aralon Sword and Shadow, Spellcraft School of Magic, Swordigo, and a few other games as well.

All things considered, it's never nice to see one of your favorite games sinking, and it's regrettable what happened to Miscrits but if you're looking for similar games, check out Virtualworldsland's Games Like Miscrits list; it is filled with tons of them.

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