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Virtual World Trends

Rate this Article Virtual Worlds relay us with simulated worlds – generated with environments and atmosphere relevant or fixated on calculated data from real world that either mimic real life, or those that are primed for future trends. In this article, we’ll tackle the trends that loom over these worlds, and how they are carried out, hyped, or rejected by the community. Virtual Worlds Land! - Virtual World Trends

Like the real world, we have trends looming over the virtual worlds that we enjoy playing or hanging out into. These trends, or “the change” we usually see are mainly categorized in three different elements or key points in the game namely the: Self Expression, Clothing or Fashion, and Environment. Let’s tackle them one by one and figure out what brings in the trend in these divided aspects of any virtual world game.

First is Self Expression. In games like "Second Life" or "IMVU" for instance, you get these expression from the line up of available stuff you get in the game (by default), or by purchasing them though in-game credits. Expressions range from those that depict your attitude over instances like jumping for joy, wiping your eyes from tears, nodding, shooking your head to entail; lack of knowledge on a matter; negate something; or a form of disagreement, clapping, and many more. Basically, these are all included by default in any virtual world games.

What makes up the list that go with the trend in virtual world game are mostly those that come with real world trends – say for instance a catchy dance step from an on-going chart topping dance music (ex. Gangnam Style dance step). At the point of its peak, these add-on expressions are usually sold to players that wants to be “in” with the trend. Giving the ability to perform such feat in return gains a lot of following (from other players) or amusement on their side.

Not limited to this, trends go with those that spoofs famous and current world wide headliners, or movies and shows. Say for instance, if the movie “Matrix” was made during these days, the all famous bullet dodging stunt made by Keanu Reeves in the movie may probably be made into an character animation in these games and that animation will surely be among the "HOT" stuff trending in the game. Mainly, they promote highlights in the game for they are catchy or simply iconic world-wide.

Next we have Clothing or Fashion. This category is pretty self-explanatory. Like in real world, people playing virtual worlds like to step it up in the community with some help from the assortments of top tier clothes to wear – things that are either currently blooming in real world, or that are used by fashion/clothes companies to simulate what catches a majority of the players’ interest.

This category is where you may actually see much of the change in virtual world games. Every single day, their libraries grow with new stuff to wear, to pair up, and simply, to brag to your friends with. For example, at the time of writing, what seems to be of present’s deal of trend are the “jagger jeans” types of pants - as they earn significant demand on real life (or seen interest with by the majority of the general public), you’d probably witness an increase of purchasable library assets related to this type of clothing. You’d see massive variants in its cloth material, cloth color, and added details to represent this type of pants.

Lastly, we have the change or addition of Environment/s to share some relative trends to cope up with the real world, or like in clothing and fashion, to simulate something that would entice the majority of players in the game – should actually make up a good experiment prior to actual application in real life means. Trends in environment usually get their update from relative trending stuff on real life like furniture, architectural design (of spaces), and different accessory accents (like choices of lighting, choice of appliance by its general design, and the like).

Mapping the trends in these several aspects found in today’s virtual game worlds greatly influence the reaction of players, what makes up a sound market (with respect to the companies making them online or in real world), what gets accepted, what was rejected, and ultimately what reels in a lot of interest from the public.

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