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Virtual Horse Games

Rate this Article Almost every single virtual world game worth its salt allows players to own horses of their own. In this article we’ll be covering a few of these games and explaining what you can do with horses in them. Virtual Worlds Land! - Virtual Horse Games

The core concept of any virtual world game is to accurately capture reality and mimic it within the game. Horses are without a doubt a part of our world so there’s no surprise that developers would be trying their best to implement them into their virtual worlds with as much accuracy and precision possible. In these games you can own multiple different horses, take them to events, explore the world on them and even customize their looks.

You too can own beautiful horses in these games, and ride them, look after them and win trophies by competing with them. But most of all you can just enjoy them and being with them in some truly amazing spaces. Each of these games has something special and unique that we thought you would enjoy.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation has a lot of horses that you can choose from. You can customize all these horses and if you’re really hardcore you can even train the certain skills. Any horses you own can be entered in competitive events where you can impress the massive crowds with all the training you’ve given to your horse. You aren’t limited to owning just one horse so you can have multiple different horses of your liking.

It really is no surprise that one of the most renowned virtual worlds will have some really nice horses to choose from. Second Life allows players to own complete stables that they can fill with different kinds of horses. Each horse can have its appearance customized according to your preferences and once fully customized, the horses are truly a sight to behold but it can take quite the toll on you when you have to take care of multiple different horses.

Howrse is a game that pretty much lets you own every breed of horse you can think of. In the circumstance that the specific breed isn’t available then you can simply utilize the in-depth breeding system to get the horse of your dreams. You’ll have to treat your horses with the utmost care and you can take them out to explore the beautiful game world and do a lot of fun activities.

In the massive world of IMVU, horses are pretty much your best friend. You can own multiple different kinds of horses and even customize them according to your likings. The best part in IMVU is that you can even bring a friend along to ride with you on your horse which gives the enjoyment factor a much welcomed boost.

The game world of Horzer is absolutely beautiful and it’s made even better by the fact that you can build up a complete equestrian center of your own where you can train, raise and even breed horses with the in-depth system. There are training programs you can enter your horse into if you’d like your horse to be groomed a bit.

All the virtual world games mentioned above have some really cool and fun horse activities that you can do which gives them a whole new layer of enjoyment and gameplay. Each and every one of these games is worth a try, we enjoyed each one of them and we hope you do too.

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