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Famous Locations in IMVU

Rate this Article Here are some places in IMVU that you might want to add to your virtual world. Virtual Worlds Land! - Famous Locations in IMVU

When you decide to play or join the community of a virtual world, you are literally stepping into a world outside of our own. Thus, virtual worlds like IMVU are like planets of their own – you can find cities inside where players like you gather and congregate to either do business or just pass the time away socializing like there’s no tomorrow.

The best thing about playing virtual worlds is that you can create the world in your image. IMVU, for instance, allows users to create their own locations that are then added to the site’s official catalog. Granted, only players with Pro access can visit the locations and add them to their virtual worlds, but they sure are worth the investment.

Here are some of the popular locations in IMVU that you, as the player, can add to your world as well as send as a gift to others. The list is comprised of three categories: beaches, clubs and cityscapes.

Beaches are popular in the real world, so it’s not a surprise that these places will also be famous to the people who play virtual world simulators. There are three beaches worth noting in IMVU. One is Blue Moon Beach, a beach scene set in the twilight of evening. There’s also Hello Kitty Beach Party, a luxury beach complete with a seaside discotheque and drinks. Last but not the least is Relaxing Beach, a tropical resort featuring villas and wooden walkways over the sea.

The popular clubs in IMVU are quite interesting. Take, for example, the Ice Club. That’s exactly what it is – a club whose floors and walls are made of block ice. People probably ice skate to move around, which would be an interesting sight to see especially the waiters and waitresses that serve the drink.

Another odd but decidedly popular club is Caged Dark Room. The room is perfect for events that don’t require a lot of light, with the only illumination that’s available by default is a fire place. This is ideal for vampire and monster cosplay events with IMVU.

Of course, there’s the Glow Room. It’s dark like the Caged Dark Room, but features soft purple lighting for that “glow in the dark” look. Perfect for single dating, and for those would like to bask in some shadow while having a drink.

Cityscapes in IMVU are great for taking pictures of yourself and other users. If you want a Western vibe, you should check out the Western Town cityscape – a faithful reconstruction of old Western frontier towns complete with saloons and sandstorms.

If historical towns are your cup of tea, then you could try out the Small German Town cityscape. The cityscape has exactly what you can expect from a small town in the German countryside.

There’s more to these locations than meets the eye, of course. Buying and adding them to your IMVU account is like buying a new house and getting it bare: you have means and, of course, the capability to make them your own by adding new decorations and furnishings.

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