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Bands in Virtual Worlds

Rate this Article Music has been a part of the real world for a very long time, and some of this made it into virtual worlds too with some of the biggest known bands in the world making appearances in games. Virtual Worlds Land! - Bands in Virtual Worlds

There are quite a few virtual worlds that have given us some brilliant experiences, and offer the chance to be involved in some amazing activities. Many of these include live music, as well as being able to play and use different artists materials. From the music you dance to at a club to a live gig by a world renowned artist.

Virtual games give us the chance to experience things on a global scale and it can also be a good place to try and get yourself known too. There are specialist venues where people have created clubs, beach houses and even a full arena to enjoy music and entertainment.

But where it gets really special is when you can see life performances, not just watch a video uploaded to a location. And in some of the games like Second Life and IMVU some pretty well known bands have created their own avatars, stepped up and performed live for a worlwide audience.

Some notable names include U2, Daft Punk, Duran Duran and the Pet Shop Boys. All of these bands and many more have come into this virtual world and performed, how amazing is that to be sitting playing a game watching some of these famous names perform for you and all your friends.

While not quite the same as being right in the heart of an actual gig it is pretty close, and these events were seen by millions of players. There is always something going on in a game world, and sometimes you can find something truly special.

In some games, it is easy to find good quality music, both live and recorded as there are specialist venues that have a great reputation. Sometimes you can just stumble across something amazing by accident.

But what if you are a new artist, or looking to promote yourself and try to make it into the big time. You can also use these virtual worlds as a stepping stone, you never know who is going to be playing with you. There are a lot of celebrities and people all over the real world in these games, so you never know who is listening.

We think that the option of listening to, or performing in a virtual space is amazing, especially when you see some of the big names that have done just that. The technology and sheer idea that this can happen is brilliant, and we look forward to seeing who is next to appear and join this distinguished list.

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