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Games Like Social life

Rate this Article Welcome to the virtual world where anything and everything can happen. So get ready and be mesmerized by the fame and glamour that awaits in the virtual life! Virtual Worlds Land! - Games Like Social life

Virtual World games are taking the world by storm with giving people a second life behind the computer screens. What may not be a normal routine for us in the real world is daily practice in the lives we live in our virtual world.

Creating colorful avatars, building gorgeous houses and living the luxurious life are just some of the perks that come with living in a virtual world. Live it up and meet many people, party til you drop and dance to the latest Rihanna songs at the comfort of your own home.

All these things and more are what the following Virtual World games offer you, so it’s all up to you how you want to spend your life away from real life.

Sims FreePlay

The possibilities are endless with Sims Freeplay so create your own town full of people with their own personalities, dreams and styles. Own pets, have your dream job and fall in love with your ideal partner in a community with friends. And the best part is it’s all free with Sims FreePlay!

City Girl Life

Do you have what it takes to be the girl you were always meant to be? From shy country girl to fashionista superstar, City Girl Life takes you from the quiet suburbs to the heart of New York City. Create the life you always wanted and be the next IT girl with City Girl Life.


Set in the beautiful Libertine Heights, Suburbia lets you build your dream home while uncovering the secrets of the neighborhood. But not all secrets are meant to be known and not all stories are happy. But landing a position in your dream job, you can earn lots of money and work towards the home you’ve always wanted. So start living the life at Suburbia!


Hang out with friends and family with your own avatar in Yoville. Attend events, decorate your own house and throw parties in the virtual life you can enjoy. Live the good life as you work, play and rest with a job that pays great money, pets that you can take everywhere and a comfortable home. With so many choices to customize in-game, you can do anything and everything in Yoville.

Design This Home

Become a superstar designer with Design this home, where you can design various houses to your heart’s content. Choose from classical designs like traditional, modern, Victorian and more! No other game has as much variety in building materials with almost 500 variants. So if you can dream it, build it with Design This Home.

With so many different possibilities living in a virtual world, there is so much potential playing in a world with no boundaries. From the mundane tasks of everyday life to a glamorous and luxurious New York lifestyle, virtual worlds offer a glimpse into the life we deserve. Give it a try and see how much more you can be.

Want to find and play more games like the ones you know and love? Drop by now!

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