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Tips for New Players in Taonga - Part 3

Rate this Article Want more tips? Well, we hear you and we've got plenty more to share! Virtual Worlds Land! - Tips for New Players in Taonga - Part 3

Although I'd say these tips aren't as important as the ones before them, they are still important enough that I think I should mention in this third installment of the "Tips for New Players in Taonga" article series. Hopefully, these tips would help you as much as it did help me!


Like Farmville, neighbors are very important in Taonga and the game does make it very easy for you to find some. However, getting neighbors who remain active for months on end can be pretty hard, and finding neighbors who actually act neighborly is even harder. So, make sure you treasure the ones who dutifully send you your daily gifts and visit your island to help out with some chores by returning the favor whenever you can. If you’re lucky, they might even lend you a hand by giving you some of the stuff you wished for in your wishlist!

Taonga: Visiting a neighbor

Roaming Livestock

The livestock in Taonga tend to roam about quite a bit and can be hard to click on especially when they are in the middle of the jungle. Due to this, it’s best to use the Bamboo Fence you have at the start to make an animal pen for all your animals. It would make clicking on the animals to feed and harvest eggs and milk so much easier.

Logging Out for the Day

If you’ve played Farmville or any farm game before, you’d know this tip, but I thought I should include it nonetheless. Whenever you’re about to call it day, it’s best to check in on your farm one last time just to make sure you have crops and items in the crafting queue with the longest possible waiting time. But of course, this would also depend on your needs – there’s after all no point in planting more Tomato or Chili Pepper when you needed Jute or Sweet Potatoes for a quest.

Constantly Crafting

This is probably something that’s needless to say, but in order to maximize the off time, you’ll want to queue up as many crafting tasks as you can for every structure you have built. Even if you don’t think you’ll need the item yet, it’s best to craft them anyway. However, if crafting the items will use up something that you actually need to accumulate for some building task, then you might want to just craft something else. Every structure has a crafting recipe that doesn’t use crafted items from other structures and it’s these recipes you can queue up.

Sand Dollars

This is a tip that would come in handy if you do manage to complete all the daily tasks or once you’ve completed a certain quest at around level 10, which will reward you with Sand Dollars. These dollars are used to spin the daily wheel but I would not recommend using the dollars that way since you have no control over what you’ll get. Instead, it’s best to spend them buying rare materials like Jack Plane and Grain Mix (you can get 10 of each per Sand Dollar, which I find to be a pretty good deal) at the Prize Kiosk. You can find the Prize Kiosk tab on the Wheel of Fortune screen.

Taonga: Prize Kiosk

The Final Tip

Taonga isn’t a farm game that’s designed to be played hours on end, at least once the initial bulk of energy points is used up completely. So, if you could spare the time, it’s best to check in every few hours or so, and spend maybe 30 minutes in the game before logging out and continuing your day. If you can do this, you’ll find the game a bit more enjoyable and you won’t feel like you have to spend real money to buy energy just to play.

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