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Can we live today without digital technology?

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Nowadays, it is almost impossible to think of being able to live without digital technology. In fact, it would be enough to simply think of the evolution of the playful world, such as the game of online blackjack, to understand what role digital technology occupies in our daily lives.

For millennia, whether by cultural or historical tradition or for economic reasons, the human being has been a nomad. Today, in these modern times, there is a completely new figure, namely the nomad of digital technology. Mobility, therefore, not generated for mere survival purposes but for needs.

Not for nothing, it has come to the point that the new generations are being identified as digital natives as if digital technology were now part of their genetic code. As a result, a sort of "split" has been created between those who are digital orphans, or those who, like wild uncultivated people, have had to bend to digital knowledge just to avoid marginalization and those born with digital technology.

So, in practice, dualism has been created between those who are hostile to new technologies and those who, on the other hand, have embraced what in some ways seems to be a new creed. However, to be honest, a strongly hostile political-ideological commitment to new technologies on the basis of a question of principle that borders on paranoid ostracism is regrettable. In fact, this extremist position does not want to consider at all the progress that digital technology is able to offer to man.

So some balance has to be made. In fact, anyone would be wrong if he did not also consider the utilities that new technologies are able to offer and which do not exclusively concern a better lifestyle. On the other hand, it must be avoided that, for example, unbridled use of the internet and social media leads to alienation and isolation, with a consequent difference for human contact.

Instant and social messaging, yes, they are useful but, nevertheless, they must not be seen as exclusive means of having normal human relationships! In fact, in this case, digital capabilities would be overestimated. Being digitally competent, therefore, means not only using technology but also doing it correctly.

In practice, living in the 21st century, technology cannot be seen as a mere frivolity or waste of time, or as something cyclical simply responding to a specific need. At the same time, the difference between the virtual and the real world must be clear. So if, for example, you use Google to search for something, it must be remembered that the result obtained is not the absolute truth, but is the result of an algorithm.

Objectively, modern technology has several functions. Once upon a time reading, writing, taking a photo and so on, required a specific device for each function. Today, thanks to a smartphone you can do all this simultaneously and in a short time. So, going to conclude, it is not a technological problem but it is, much more simply, a matter of lack of education and common sense.

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