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3 Reasons Why You'd Want to Play Telltale's The Walking Dead Series

Rate this Article Scroll through this article and find out why Telltales’ The Walking Dead Series is a game that you should definitely try. Virtual Worlds Land! - 3 Reasons Why You'd Want to Play Telltale's The Walking Dead Series

The Walking Dead series sure has come a long way ever since it first surfaced on TV and since then, it has seen nothing but ever-increasing popularity. We’ve seen so many games that feature the same post-apocalyptic setting but none of them could quite replicate what this tremendous game had to offer no matter which the department is. From gameplay, visuals, combat, to anything else, the game simply impresses on every single front which is why it’s a game that you should try so if you’re in the mood to try this game and are looking for a few reasons to do so, we’re here to help you get familiar with 3 reasons why Telltales’ The Walking Dead Series is a must-try.


First and foremost, the most important part of any game is its gameplay. From the very first installment till the latest one, the game has tried improving on every single front and it’s fair to say that it’s reached a point where the game offers a mere flawless experience. The game world is truly massive and the features that the game offers are intriguing. From combat elements to survival elements, both of which we’ll be discussing later, the game doesn’t leave a thing to be desired and the game is just one of the main reasons why it is worthy of trying.

2.Survival Elements

When post-apocalyptic games are being discussed, survival elements are one of the most pivotal aspects that needs to be addressed. The game offers truly exceptional survival mechanics where you’ll have complete creative freedom when it comes to crafting materials. Since you’ll be all alone against a bunch of zombies, it’ll be up to you to find a way out to escape them and continue your journey and this certain aspect makes the game so much more intriguing because you’ll be presented with so many options to guarantee your survival so you better explore the game world.


Moving on to the combat, Telltale’s The Walking Dead Series offers top-tier combat where you’ll be going toe-to-toe against waves upon waves of enemies in different situations. At first, you wouldn’t have many weapons to defend yourself but as you keep progressing and start crafting, you’ll find a lot of items to defend yourself and your arsenal would keep on increasing. To make the experience even more thrilling, there are jump scares in the game that’ll leave you terrified and surprised, and considering how good the visuals are, you’ll certainly be captivated by the game’s look so all in all, the game’s combat is truly exceptional and will leave you coming back for more and more.

All things considered, we’ve had our fair share of post-apocalyptic games over the years but if we talk about perfection, Telltales’ The Walking Dead series is up there with some of the best games in the genre and if you’re looking for a few reasons to start the game, the aforementioned reasons are just a few to help you learn how good the game really is.

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