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Can You Still Play YoVille?

Rate this Article Scroll through this article and find out what actually happened to the renowned virtual world game Yoville. Virtual Worlds Land! - Can You Still Play YoVille?

Virtual world games have been around for quite some time, and due to the extensive content variety and activities that they offer, there’s no doubt that people stay hooked on these games for multiple hours. Amidst all the hype surrounding virtual games, a new game popped up by the name of YoWorld, formerly known as Yoville. Those familiar with the game must know that it became an instant hit among those who loved virtual world games, and upon the news of Yoville getting shut down, many people showed their sadness as they didn’t want this fun game to go away.

Zynga takeover

Inside the virtual world of YoVille

Thankfully, though, instead of getting shut down, the game was taken over by Zynga, and upon hearing this news, the fans of this game were thrilled. What’s even better is that Zynga announced that the game would be transferred in its exact same form, which means players will not lose any of their progress in their respective worlds. To compensate those who didn’t want to continue, Zynga announced that players could delete their accounts before a specific date, and all their progress and everything they did in the massive virtual world of YoVille would be deleted.

Despite the change in ownership, the game still had a large majority of its fan base intact, and rather than letting all their progress go to waste, players decided to see what was coming ahead and how further improvements might make their experience even better. One thing was for sure, the love that this game had received from the fan base was surely going to benefit the company significant time because they had every opportunity to capitalize on the fan base that was anxiously waiting for the revamp.

VIP and Auction House

Not much was changed gameplay-wise between Yoville and YoWorld, but during the year 2012, Zynga introduced a new V.I.P feature that allowed players to pay for a monthly subscription through which players could get their hands on some of the most exclusive and exceptional items. This particular feature also offered discounts on other in-game items and considering how openly people like spending on their virtual worlds, it turned out to be a great deal for them as they could buy their favorite products at a lower price.

Seeing the success of the V.I.P feature, Zynga thought about more developments, and near the end of 2012, a new Auction House was introduced in the game. This Auction House gave players the liberty to sell, purchase, and trade items inside their virtual world. This did not only increase the engagement in the game, but players actually found this feature quite entertaining as it gave them another way of getting their favorite items. These were the most significant changes, and it’s safe to say that they were pretty big.

All in all, the game certainly hit the heights it was predicted to hit, and even after the ownership change, there wasn’t much holding the fans of this game back, so if you’re into online virtual world games, you should try this as well. However, if you're looking for alternatives, you'd want to check out our games like Yoville list.

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