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5 New Games on the Monstera Games Platform

Rate this Article Gaming with Monstera is a satisfying way to spend time, it lets you escape from troubles and helps clear the mind. It’s as simple as going to the webpage and clicking on the one that seems the most interesting. Here are five examples of some of the fun ones they have in store for you. Virtual Worlds Land! - 5 New Games on the Monstera Games Platform

The everyday grind is complicated and stressful; people need to find a way to chill out. Gaming is one of the most fun ways to let go of all the worries and hardships of the previous day. People who want to spend their valuable time this way are called gamers, and there have been a lot of them over the years. Everyone will always need some form of entertainment, and video games are the perfect way to experience different types of media in one.

Monstera Games Platform is a website that showcases free html5 games for your website in an easy-to-access format. Backed by a decade of experience in the gaming industry and a great passion for releasing quality titles, their mission is to create outstanding games catering to all types of gamers.

These provide a satisfying way to spend time, letting you escape from troubles and helps clear the mind. It's as simple as going to the webpage and clicking on the most interesting one. Here are five examples of some of the fun ones they have in store for you:

Helicopter Cyber Strike

1: Helicopter

Enemies are over the horizon! Gear up and pilot the world's high-tech over-the-top vehicle of destruction. There will be many hostile forces trying to stop you from completing your objectives. Beat them all with quick reflexes and knowledge of your armaments.

Helicopter Cyber is a classic 2D side scrolling shooter. It is straightforward in terms of its narrative and gameplay. The story doesn't necessarily have one. Nobody cares, though, because you can pilot a helicopter with firepower rivaling the gods. The controls are intuitive; use the arrow keys to avoid enemy fire and aim your weaponry at the same time.

Kicker Soccer Run

2: Soccer

Run. Dodge tackles. Shoot that goal. These are the three things you would be doing against another player in this title. It is a simple 2D side-scrolling free runner with a football twist.

Kicker Soccer Run is a neat little game perfect for a quick session against a friend or a family member. The multiplayer aspect will remind you of old-school titles from back in the day. It would be just like those moments when you were sitting in front of a television set with an ancient video game console while playing with your childhood friend.


3: Ninja

Ninjup is another with a unique twist! Instead of the classic 2D side-scrolling where characters move from right to left, this one goes the vertical route.

Play as an unnamed ninja. A master of stealth and martial arts known in ancient times to carry out covert missions. Well, in this title, you are that but in a cute colorful cartoony way. Ascend to the top of the building through the wall running. Gather coins and power-ups to earn more points and make your life easier. It gets a bit complicated when the enemies start to pop up. Other ninjas will do what they can to stop you from progressing. It will be up to the player how fast their reflexes can save them from being caught.

Dots Magician

4: Dots

The environment is being ruined by civilization! As a master of the mystic arts and an average environment enjoyed, it will be up to you to use your talents to reverse the damage.

In Dots Magician you must activate your magic by casting arcane runes. These runes are geometric shapes with points within them. The player must trace a line and pass through each dot at least once. You can not go through a route twice. It must be done all at once without overlap. It is a very mind-boggling game and a perfect way to exercise the gray cells inside your head.

There is a neat campaign with a simple story. The gameplay is simple and intuitive. It is a must-play if you want to waste some time but still flex your mental prowess.

Cars Merge

5: Car

Cars Merge is a simple idle puzzle game with a bit of economy management, and a car racing theme dropped into the mix. Earn money with each lap. Spend your cash wisely to buy cars and merge them together to create the fastest land vehicle known to man!

There you have it, and these are some of the games you can find in Monstera. Why don't you visit it right now and give them a try? You can't go wrong with what they have in store. So dive right in and find the title for you!

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