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Top 3 City-Building Games on Facebook

Rate this Article Facebook is home to some really incredible city-building games that millions of players enjoy on a daily basis. In this article we’ll be talking about the absolute top city-builder games that we had the opportunity to play on this platform and shedding some light on why they’re so great. Virtual Worlds Land! - Top 3 City-Building Games on Facebook

Each and every one of these games has a lot to offer when it comes to features. One of the best things about all of them is how much they promote socializing and playing with friends. Basically if you have friends on Facebook who also play these games, you’ll be able to visit their cities and even help out in various ways. This is a win-win situation because your friend gets help with what they were struggling with and you get some good incentives for providing the help. Incentives include things like in-game currency or even experience that’ll get you closer to the next level.

Alongside this, another reason we selected these games is that they’re all constantly updated with new content for players to engage themselves in. New content includes things like new buildings to construct, new social features and even a bunch of quality of life improvements that just make the whole experience smoother in general.

The following city building games are those that we enjoyed the most on Facebook.


The thing that landed Megapolis a spot on this is the fact that it has a very futuristic setting and such a setting synergizes quite nicely with the overall city builder gameplay formula. Megapolis has multitudes of buildings for you to construct and on top of that it has some of the most well executed social features out there. The game excels in terms of visuals as well so overall it’s definitely one of the highest quality city building games that you could possibly play on Facebook.

2020: My Country

2020: My Country is a phenomenal game that provides players everything they need to make their dream metropolis a reality. The game has without a doubt the biggest variety that this genre has to offer in terms of structures to construct so you basically you’ll be able to create a fantastic city as long as those creative juices keep flowing. The game has lots of events as well like Christmas events, Halloween events and such which keep things interesting.


Township is all about friendship and massive structures. The game doesn’t really have any fancy bells and whistles and sticks to the core city builder formula that popularized the genre in the first place. Township is also one of the most solid games in the technical department as well since it rarely has any bugs or glitches that might hinder the gameplay. It has some really solid social features alongside this as well so it’s pretty much the full package.

All things considered, the games mentioned above are those that we feel have elevated the city building genre to a whole new level and therefore we recommend trying them out whenever you get the chance.

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