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Creating Your Own Virtual World in Football Manager 2023

Rate this Article Did you know that you can create your own virtual world of football in Football Manager 2023? Here's how, with some of the reasons why you definitely need to play it: Virtual Worlds Land! - Creating Your Own Virtual World in Football Manager 2023

There are tons of sports games available on the market today. EA Sports’ money-spinning duo of FIFA and Madden have been market leaders for some time. 2K Sports’ NBA 2K and WWE 2K have continually raked in hundreds of millions in revenue over the last decade or so.

But very few sports games allow you to create your own virtual world inside the game. Admittedly, the aforementioned FIFA and Madden have created a game mode called Ultimate Team. The game mode allows players to use real money and purchase loot boxes, which reward in a similar way to the best online casino games on Bodog - gamers can receive massive rewards should they hit it big with their loot box purchase.

Playing a football game with friends

Ultimate Team is exhilarating, and its content is continually kept up to date based on real-world football performances. But it doesn’t allow one to create their own virtual world like Football Manager 2023 does.

What is Football Manager?

Management simulation games have been out for many a year, but none have become quite as popular as Football Manager. The game is a football management simulation game in which you can lead your team to glory. Unlike FIFA however, you do not play the matches, it is your job to create a strong team, produce a perfect game-playing tactic, and then see if your players can deliver by picking up the results needed to become a major force in the world of professional football.

When playing Football Manager, you take on the role of team manager and must make decisions regarding transfers, training, formations, tactics, and more. You are responsible for all aspects of running a football club – from selecting players to setting up matches and everything in between. If your team does well in games or tournaments, it will be rewarded with trophies or awards. On the other hand, if your team fails to perform then you may find yourself looking for another job soon.

Football Manager lets you create your own virtual football world

The game also has an online component where you can play against other players around the world in tournaments or leagues. This adds an extra layer of competition and excitement to the game and can help to refine your skills as a manager. Additionally, there is also an offline mode if you prefer a more relaxed experience free from competition with others.

Football Manager’s Massive Database

One feature that sets Football Manager apart from many other sports simulation games is its comprehensive player database. This includes over 600,000 real-life players from around the world who can be added to your team based on their stats and abilities. This allows you to create realistic teams that reflect actual squads found in professional leagues around the world. This feature also helps keep the game fresh since new players are always being added to accommodate changes in real-world squads throughout seasons and tournaments.

How Do I Create a Virtual World in Football Manager?

While Football Manager bases itself on being as authentic as it gets, players will naturally grow old over time and eventually retire. As time progresses, new players are created automatically inside the game, payers who have come to be known as ‘regens’ by avid Football Manager aficionados. The regen players that are automatically created in the game are completely random, and no one saved game will have the same regens as the next.

So the way to create your own virtual world is quite simple. When you create your manager and begin your career mode, players have the option to go on holiday. That’s right, even gamers need a holiday now and then.

Team roster Football Manager 2023

When you’re on holiday, the game keeps playing, and the world keeps on spinning. It simulates every single result, every single player's growth and eventual retirement, as well as the birth of regens, which filter through each club's youth system and into the first team.

In order to create your own virtual world, you should go on holiday for 20 years. This will give time for every current real-life player to retire, allowing you to play with only regens. The simulation will take a couple of hours of real-time, so perhaps set up the two-decade-long holiday prior to going to work or school, and by the time you are home, the virtual world will be waiting for you.

When you return from the holiday, you should select “add new manager” from the menu, select whichever club you would like to take over and retire the previous manager who went on holiday. This is so you can comfortably get a job with a new club. Let’s face it, whos going to hire someone that has just been on holiday for 20 years?

Once you have added your new manager, you will see that the only players in the game are regens. You will need to use your scouting teams to determine who the best players in the world are, and your journey into the unknown can begin.

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