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How Important is Lore in Hidden Object Games?

Rate this Article What can story elements in hidden object games do for you? Read on to find out. Virtual Worlds Land! - How Important is Lore in Hidden Object Games?

We’re familiar with the many features and mechanics hidden object games deploy in the quest to be a cut above the rest. Multiplayer mode? Social media connectivity? Interactive objects and mini-puzzles? These have been integrated perfectly into many recent titles. These universal game types cater to players regardless of age or playing habits. These gimmicks are taken from other genres and into hidden object games. It’s not that surprising given the age of the internet, where most of these are introduced as fast as they are advertised online.

A critical feature that often gets overlooked but contributes significantly to the overall success of this subdivision of puzzle games is the lore. When was the last time you’ve had second thoughts about playing a HOG because the looks didn’t appeal to you? Let’s examine how the lore aspect of hidden object games affects the genre.

Lore sets the story

Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure

You can play a hidden object game directly to the pictures, clutter, and clicking parts. It just feels dry and unrewarding, though. Apart from the mechanics and other stuff you can do in the game, you want something else to look forward to in your next play session. This is where the story and theme come in. There are loads of fantasy, sci-fi, and slice-of-life themes to choose from. Each of them possesses its charm. Combine that with what you are looking for while playing, and you get a game that is worth your every minute.

A well-made story on a hidden object game gives more fun to every minute spent playing. Who knows? You might even find a new character to admire.

Accurate lore best represents game mechanics

The Mystery Mansion

Any game has its features and gimmicks in the central framework. Hidden object games are no exception to this rule. The natural step would be to determine what kind of theme or appearance best fits the feature the game should be shown in. With that in mind, the perk has to blend in nicely with the final product. The mark of the best hidden object games is when their rules and innovations seamlessly merge with their story. With well-crafted lore, you can even get an explanation for that strange object the game asks you to find. These definitely mark an enjoyable game – something you’ll look forward to playing even after completing it.

You can talk about your game with other people

June's Journey

Ever had that experience where you talk about a game all-day and your buddies could only nod? You don’t get too far talking about techniques and overcoming stages. There will come a time when things grow stale and become uninteresting – even if you are among people who play the same game. Good game lore opens a lot of conversation avenues. HOGs benefit from having memorable characters, a rich setting, and a compelling plot. You can even talk about whether or not the game creators will produce new content using the same lore.

Summing this up, lore adds to the total value of a hidden object game. A well-crafted title means hours of enjoyable play. You can even go back to it after finishing it the first time. Looking for exciting hidden object games? Check out what we’ve got at Games4Grandma.

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