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Web Browser-Based Games: Why They're Experiencing a Revival of Relevance because of Cloud Gaming and Nostalgia

Rate this Article Web browser games are experiencing a renaissance due to a variety of factors, including accessibility and nostalgia. Let's take a look at it in detail in this article: Virtual Worlds Land! - Web Browser-Based Games: Why They're Experiencing a Revival of Relevance because of Cloud Gaming and Nostalgia

Web-browser-based games experience a whole new level of popularity. Many of today's players are looking back to a time when they played web-browser-based games on the Internet Explorer browser, hoping they won’t run out of data. The sound of the internet dial-up tone and hopes that the connection will be stable enough for at least one game. Nowadays, a lot has changed - the internet connection is faster than ever before, and the experience of playing this type of game is way more sophisticated. Impeccable details visible on high-resolution screens, rich colors, and smoothness of movement - this is the world of contemporary web-browser-based games.

Cloud gaming and web browser games are facing a massive revival

The state of Cloud Gaming - what are the pros of web-browser-based games?

But why are web browser games so popular? First of all, circumstances have changed - today, and many more people have access to a stable and fast internet connection. According to research conducted by a tech giant, Cisco, in 2018, half of the world had access to the internet, and by 2023 the number will most likely increase up to 66%. The other thing is that it is much more convenient to play cloud- or web-browser-based games. There is no need for extra equipment such as consoles, gamepads, or expensive graphics cards. All that is needed is simply a computer, or sometimes even a tablet or smartphone, and an internet connection. It’s a faster, cheaper, and more efficient way of gaming.

The cloud gaming industry is developing rapidly - according to research conducted by consulting company Omdia, revenues from this type of gaming are about to reach $12 billion by 2026.

The best, classical web-browser-based games

Let’s travel back in time and take a closer look at some of the classical games that were played a decade or so ago. The first thing that comes to mind is a card game. Of course, the most basic version of solitaire was already pre-installed on Windows 98 with its characteristic card shuffling sound. But for the ones that weren’t satisfied with only this type of card game, the internet provided many more options. Hearts, Spades, Canasta, and a lot more could be played alone or with friends online. Another traditional game that was played was Mahjong, which again could be played solo or with others. The aim of the game was to acquire matching sets and pairs of tiles, which is pretty similar to poker.

Online casino games

Back in the day, if gamblers wanted to play casino games, they had to visit a brick-and-mortar-casino, which often involved long travels to get there in the first place. Nowadays, the iGaming industry has advanced and is making use of modern technologies. Blackjack, roulette, and slots are now available on online platforms, and users can play in an online casino in the browser of their laptop or smartphone. The providers keep on picking up new trends, and this is why players can now even head over to amazing new live casinos where poker and other classics can be played with live dealers with the help of streaming technologies.

Cloud-based games

As was already mentioned before, cloud-based games are easier to manage - not only for the players but also for the providers. There is no need for downloading and installing the game - which in some cases can go on for hours, and configuring it afterward. The game is based entirely on data centers and delivery networks, making it easier to maintain. All due to the rapid development of cloud technology. And when something is already in the cloud, one can access it via browser - just like the web-browser-based games.

Sports-themed games

Going back to the topic of web-browser-based games back in the day, depending on players' preferences, there were many more they could play. At the time, one of the most popular types of games were the sports-themed ones. The most favored amongst them were racing games. Car, scooter, trucks - there were so many options. All were very social types of games, where users could choose the multiplayer option and race together with their friends. Another classic was a Ski Jumping game, where players used to spend hours improving their skills, climbing up the rankings, and fighting for the podium.

Farm-themed games

Farm-themed games have also risen in popularity during the past few years. With picturesque views and realistic visuals, or if preferred, square and pixelated graphics, some were designed to play with other players, and some to be played alone. Although mainly consisting of similar tasks, farm-themed games are gaining more and more fans.

Mobile games - the new era of gaming

In the past, the only way to play cloud or web-browser-based games was to turn on the computer, connect to the internet, open the browser tab and look for the perfect game. Nowadays, with a smartphone screen sometimes as big as 6.4-inch and 5G internet, players can play the games wherever they are.

According to studies, the mobile video game industry accounts for 50% of the global 149 billion USD video game market, and the cap is only getting bigger and bigger. With the phones and tablets, as well as the whole software getting better and better with every new model, and the internet speed increasing over time, this popularity will likely only rise, contributing to the comeback of web-browser-based games.

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