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Why are Virtual Games Appealing to Women

Rate this Article Statistically, there are more women playing virtual games than men, in this article we will try to uncover some of the reasons for this imbalance, but also why there are benefits to this type of game. Virtual Worlds Land! - Why are Virtual Games Appealing to Women

With the advent and rise of the internet there have been a lot of games created, across a huge variety of niches, from solitaire to Second Life. And as these games became more developed and virtual worlds became more advanced you have a lot more options to play and so many different people and places you can see.

One of the great advantages of the worlds created for us to enjoy is the fact that you become an Avatar, a pixel representation of yourself, or who you want to be in the world. These avatars can look like pretty much anything, within the restrictions of the game and you can make yourself someone different if you want. This ability to become someone else is a huge draw for many players, and it comes with a few added benefits too.

Firstly, you can look how you want, from the colour of your skin to having a tail or vampire teeth you can pick the way you represent yourself and act to become anyone you want. If you wish to be a top model, there are games where you can do that but you can also be a DJ with regular gigs, or a realtor with a huge range of luxury houses for sale. These are all ambitions that can be fulfilled, along with many more.

But on the other side of the coin, you can just be you too, your avatar can be an exact copy of you, maybe with a different wardrobe but your hair, makeup and walk can all be the same. This also has an appeal, where you can be totally open and yourself in an environment where if you're not having fun you can move, or take a break and come back. The ability to step away from something you don’t like, or don’t want to do is another great attraction to these games.

Being able to step into and out of a world whenever you want is brilliant, you can als play lots of different games so if you feel like hanging out at a party in Avataria you can, if it gets boring you can switch to a cafe with friends in IMVU or even strut down the catwalk in Stardoll. This ease of access to new places and things to do is something that can make for a pretty fun weekend or evening while still staying in and being comfortable.

Let’s be honest, getting ready to go out can sometimes be a chore, and if the weather is not so great it is even more of a problem. But in a virtual world, you press a couple of buttons and you are in. Sure you need to take the time to pick an outfit, but you also have a pre set wardrobe, and you can just change your hair to a pink mohawk on a whim, and it wont cost you the earth and hours of work. The next day you can be back to your long blonde pigtails or a short brunette cut.

Not only are you staying home warm and dry, but you are also much safer too. We are not saying don’t go out and have fun with real friends in real places, not at all. But in the comfort of your own home, with the option to leave when you want you are able to completely control what you do, who you speak to and where you are. That feeling of security is important to a lot of people, men and women and this safety aspect is also an important factor as to what you do and play.

One final point to make, is that in these virtual games you can be yourself. Say what comes to mind, be whoever you want, however you want. While these games are still social, and there may be consequences to what you say and do, for the most part you can do what you want. Many people find in these games that they are more open, and reveal more about themselves than they might in the real world. This release, this relaxation of the rules can be really good, be careful and sensible, but also be yourself, or the person you want to be.

There are many other reasons to play in a virtual world, the way it looks, the people you know, the way it makes you feel. But no matter why you play these games you need to have fun, be free to do what you want and be comfortable. Perhaps these are some of the reasons that there are more ladies than men in virtual games, or perhaps it is just because they can be so much fun.

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