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Games like Choices Stories You Play

Rate this Article If you liked Choices: Stories You Play that much, you might want to give these five other games a try. Virtual Worlds Land! - Games like Choices Stories You Play

“Choose your own adventure” games have a certain appeal - the ability to directly influence people’s lives (even fictional ones) is quite a heady wine to begin with.

Of course, it’s dangerous to play around with people’s lives that way, but games like Choices: Stories You Play are different. In here, you simply take hold of the narrative and make it go your way. Your decisions will affect the outcome of the story significantly, even killing a character outright and compelling you to go back to the start if you make the wrong choice.

If you liked Choices: Stories You Play that much, you might want to give these five other games a try.

Episode - Choose Your Story

In Episode - Choose Your Story, your experience is measured in terms of episodes, as its name suggests. When you start a story, you can play the first episode only for free. Now, don’t fret… it doesn’t mean that you’re required to pay to pass on to the next episode. You could wait for the next day as you’re given one free pass per day, but you can also play mini-games to get free passes.

The episodic approach does a lot of things to the game’s thrill factor.

Cliffhanger - Chat Stories

How would you like to spy in on people’s private messages online? Well, it’s not ethical to do that in real life, but you get all the time here in Cliffhanger - Chat Stories.

The game’s library consists of stories that play out entirely in chats or instant messaging. The stories are full of intrigue and suspense, as one good story could suddenly take a bizarre turn the more you dive into it. You can access hundreds of chat stories in this game’s catalogue, and it’s even updated weekly.

You can also unlock non-chat content like video calls and phone calls, but they come at a premium.

Soy Luna - Your Story

High school life can be a bit nostalgic for some. If you’re one of these people, then you’ll certainly feel at home here in Soy Luna - Your Story.

The game lets you immerse yourself in the life of an exchange student in a fictional institution called Blake High School. The storyline plays out through animated segments, complete with music and voice-over dialogue.

You also have the capability of customizing the appearance of your character, a feature that you don’t usually find in other similar games.

Chapters - Interactive Stories

So far, most of the games in this list focus on a certain genre. If you want a game that gives you lots of choices in terms of genre, then you’ll love Chapters - Interactive Stories.

If you want suspense, you can find that here in this game. If romance is your cup of tea, you won’t find Chapters - Interactive Stories lacking. Anything you want, you’ll find that here in this game.

Linda Brown: Interactive Story

If you’re a fan of soap operas, then you will certainly feel at home with Linda Brown: Interactive Story.

This “soap opera” follows the story of the eponymous protagonist. She’s quite the famous lady, with many men vying for her affection. You will have a part in deciding which of them she’ll want to have a relationship with, but that’s not the only thing you can do here in Linda Brown: Interactive Story.

You can travel the world, interact with objects or engage in correspondence using SMS and chat software.

So, widen your horizons. You have these five games similar to Choices - Stories You Play to satisfy your appetites.

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