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Games like Wizard 101

Rate this Article Wizard 101 is definitely one of the most unique virtual world games out there thanks to its theme and distinct gameplay. In this article we’ll be talking about some games that are a lot like it and will also be discussing what makes those games worth playing.
Virtual Worlds Land! - Games like Wizard 101

Before discussing any other game, first it’s worth talking about Wizard 101 itself in a bit more detail. It’s a really high quality virtual world game that’s worth anyone’s while mainly because of the fact that it spices things up a little with a unique theme. Instead of being a game that tries to depict and mimic reality, it instead takes place in Ravenwood Academy which is a magnificent place full of magic and fun. There’s lots of enjoyment to be had in the form of social interaction, decorating your own house and of course playing mini-games.

Aside from being great fun to play, Wizard 101 looks great as well. The art style is without a doubt one of the most, if not the most, unique out there. The character designs look really good, the animations are nice and the overall color scheme is rather bright which makes the game a lot more appealing than usual.


Kitely is a really unique game in which you not only get to live in a virtual world but on top of that you can create one of your very own. You get to make the rules in this game and if you have friends that play then you can visit each other’s worlds for some great fun. The character creation process of Kitely is also quite in-depth so you can make a character that’s according to your preferences detail by detail.

Disney: Infinity: Toy Box

Disney Infinity: Toy Box is a game full of possibilities. You’ll get to create your avatar, interact with tons of other characters from the Disney universe and even invite some friends to enjoy the game with you. There’s tons of fun to be had in this incredible game that you can enjoy for countless hours every single day.

Small Worlds

Although the name implies it, Small Worlds is by no means a small virtual world game. The characters might be a tad smaller than your usual kind but the game world is still pretty massive and has tons of features for you to enjoy. There are cool mini-games to play, people to make friends with and of course a whole world that you can explore.

Ensemble Online

Ensemble Online is a sandbox style game where the only limit is your imagination. You start off as a simple person and eventually end up making yourself the most respected person in all the land. The character you make will be exactly according to your liking thanks to the amazing customization and the gameplay is pretty much never ending so you can enjoy the game for hours upon hours and still not have seen all that it offers.


Milmo is a beautiful game with a really distinct art style and top notch gameplay that can get anyone hooked. The game’s art style is quite unique and this coupled with the fact that it’s filled with a seemingly endless amount of activities make it a virtual game that everyone must enjoy at least once.

Each and every game mentioned above feels a lot like Wizard 101 in one way or another but the main point of focus is that they’re all tons of fun to play which is why we recommend that you try them out for yourself.

Want to find and play more games like the ones you know and love? Drop by now!

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