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Gala Stories vs Lady Popular

Rate this Article These two stunning fashion games are both amazing to play, but if you had to pick one of them which would it be? In this article we will help you come do a decision. Virtual Worlds Land! - Gala Stories vs Lady Popular

Both GalaStories and Lady Popular are incredible games with passive player bases. Each of them has a heavy emphasis on fashion and glamour and have a ton of great gameplay options available for their players. In this article we’ll be comparing them a bit and talking a bit about what makes them so great.

Before discussing their differences, first off its worth pointing out that the aim and core idea of both games is quite similar and it’s been executed quite nicely. In both Gala Stories and Lady Popular, you’re taken into a world of fashion and you must work hard to make a name for yourself and show the world that your skills in the fashion department are second to none. This of course will be no easy task and you’ll face a lot of challenges along the way as you try your best to make your dreams into reality.

Onto the specifics of each individual game, first off is Gala Stories. Simply put, Gala Stories is a lot more quest driven than your usual game from this genre. What’s great about this is the fact that it makes sure that players always have a sense of direction and never feel idle. Alongside this, Gala Stories is really easy to get the hang of so players will be well on their way to becoming major fashion icons within a matter of minutes and that’s quite commendable.

One of the key traits of these games is that they often consist of a great variety of things such as clothing and other fashion accessories and Gala Stories definitely shares this trait because the amount of customization is incredible and you get to choose from an incredibly massive selection. Alongside all this, it’s definitely worth pointing out that the game looks absolutely stunning. The art style, character designs, environments, textures, color palette and pretty much every other visual aspect are all spot-on which makes this a delightful game to look at.

Going onto Lady Popular, it’s more of a game that lets players off on their own epic journey and allows them to explore and progress on their own terms rather than having a fixed quest based progression system. This is definitely something that a lot of players will prefer as it allows them to play at a pace that they’re comfortable with which leads an experience that’s much more immersive.

Like the name already implies, popularity is a pretty significant factor in Lady Popular and it’s a statistic that you can raise through your actions in the fashion department. The variety here is pretty substantial as well as players have three different currencies to spend and each of these can be used to buy something in-game. In terms of looks, Lady Popular definitely does not cease to impress because it’s got a lot going on in it. Environments are pretty lifelike, character designs are top notch, the level of detail is amazing and of course customization options seem limitless.

All things considered, while it can’t be said that one of these games is better than the other, it can certainly be stated that they both have their own plus points and are extremely enjoyable games. It’s surely worthwhile to try them out because they’re capable of providing some really fun times.

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