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Family Games

Rate this Article There are lots of games that involve families, but what are they and what can you do in them? Virtual Worlds Land! - Family Games

One of the best things about games is that you can do almost anything you want in them. And here at Girls Virtual Games we have a lot of different ones for you. In some of them you are able to look after and raise your own family. In this article we will discuss how and what you can do in these games.

There are several types of game, first of all, there are simulation games where you manage a house or city. Virtual games where you are able to create a world of your own and the more casual flash games, that are simpler and shorter but can still be a lot of fun. We have a mix of all three here and there are games you can have a family in all of them.

In a simulation game, you can manage a house, a good example is My Family where you start as a single character and with a barely furnished house. From there you are able to manage the whole house, build it up in to a luxury and wonderful place to live. More importantly you can find a partner to marry for your character, and then you can start having children and looking after them.

In a virtual game you have a lot more options, as these tend to be huge worlds where you can make and do anything you want. A prime example is IMVU, a place where you get your own island which you can do anything with. The beauty of this game is that anything is possible. You can find a partner or just start raising and having your own children alone too. And you can look how you want and take part in a huge range of activities.

The Smaller flash games are really simple looking, but there is a lot you can do. From babysitting kids in a kindergarden to raising your own. With a much more relaxed and easy to use style these games are sometimes quite short to play but they can become very addictive and we have a few favorites here such as Baby Boom.

Once you have chosen your game you can then begin to work towards your goals. This can involve really simple things like buying a new piece of furniture or become more in depth like managing the income of the house. The level of difficulty is entirely up to you, but once you have your partner and kids in the game it can get a lot more fun.

We hope that you are able to find a family game here that you enjoy, our selection is still growing and we look forward to bringing you even more games. No matter which type of game you play we have a title waiting for you to try.

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