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The New Arena Mode in League of Legends: The Good and Bad

Rate this Article Let's take a look at League of Legends' new Arena mode and see whether it holds up or otherwise! Virtual Worlds Land! - The New Arena Mode in League of Legends: The Good and Bad

Recently, with the Soul Fighters event, Riot Games introduced a brand-new game mode to League of Legends called the Arena. It is a 2v2v2v2 game mode where players compete in fast-paced, crazy, and fun battles.

However, there are a few flaws in the mode, and in this article, we will go over these as well as its advantages. Let's see what champions work best, which augments are good, and what is simply unplayable.

What is the Arena Game Mode in League of Legends?

The Arena was introduced as a new, fun game mode, and for the most part, it is. You start the game by banning one champion. Every player has one ban, so a total of eight champions will be banned in this game. Then, you pick any champion you want from the remaining 150+ champions.

When the game starts, you need to purchase your starting item or boots, depending on the champion you play. You have a few options for AP champions, AD champions, assassins, and tanks. Boots are all the usual, with one exception. You do not have mobility boots; instead, there is a new pair that allows you to move through walls like Kayn’s W.

This game mode is very RNG (random number generator) based, with a lot of randomness impacting your gameplay. The only thing you have control over is the champion you play and what items you build. It is almost like you are playing roulette online games. You have no control over what Augments you roll, and with only two rolls, the decisions matter a lot.

Arena mode in League of Legends

Augment System and Items

To dive deeper into the Augments and how they work, it is a completely random system that rolls three random Augments for you to choose from three categories: Silver Augments, Gold Augments, and Rainbow Augments. There is no easy best category. In every single one of them, you will find both useful and useless augments.

There are even tier lists for these augments, but there are several that are worth focusing on. The most impactful ones are:

- Witchful Thinking – gives you 70 Ability Power.

- The Brutalizer – gives you 25 Attack Damage, 10 Ability Haste, and 15 Lethality.

- Sonic Boom – buffs your ally by giving them true damage if you shield or heal them.

- Lightning Strikes – gives you 30 Attack Damage for every 0.1 Attack Speed.

- Thread the Needle – gives you 25% Armor and Magic Penetration.

- Executioner – you deal 15% more damage to enemies below 50% health and also reset your abilities on a takedown.

- Combo Master – gives you Electrocute and Phase Rush keystones.

- Scoped Weapons – gives you a 200 Attack Range boost if you are a melee champion or a 100 Attack Range boost if you are a ranged champion.

- Infernal Soul – gives you an infernal soul.

- Outlaw’s Grit – gives you Armor and Magic Resistance after dashing, leaping, etc.

- Recursion – gives you 60 Ability Haste.

The entire Augment system is a good idea on the surface; however, there are several Augments that are much better than others, no matter the champion you play, so it is even more RNG here. You also get two re-rolls for the entire duration of the game, so if none of the three Augments you rolled suits you, then you might be able to change it up.

As for the items, they cost 3000 gold, and you can purchase a new item about every other round. They are changed and adjusted to the mode with a few new additions or returning items like Atma, Zephyr, Gunblade, and more.

The Good of The Arena

First, it is a rapid and fast-paced mode that allows you to play a bit of League of Legends if you have little time. It is about twice as fast as ARAM and takes 10 to 20 minutes to finish the entire mode.

In addition, it is an enjoyable mode where you can experiment with the changed Items and Augments to find the best interactions with the champion you play. You can do things you couldn't do in a standard game. You can stack up Ability Haste and make it even faster than URF; you can make yourself huge, burn enemies, and even get random items. It is a lot of fun just trying out stuff for the first 40-50 games.

It is also a mode where you can play with a friend, and no one else can disturb you. It is a 2v2v2v2 game mode, so you and one of your friends can play the game without worrying about other teammates ruining it for you. It all depends on your luck and skill to win a match!

The Bad of The Arena

Even though the mode seems varied at first, it is limiting in terms of champion selection. After playing about 50 games, you will see that out of over 160 champions in the entire game, only about a third is viable in the mode. You will mostly find tanks, top laners, and some ADCs with supports, such as duo picks. There is a clear favorite for champions that are banned almost every game, like Taric, Heimerdinger, Warwick, Fiora, Kai’Sa, Annie, Kindred, Vayne, Maokai, and a couple more.

If you explore most of the Augments after your time with the mode, there is little to do. Getting Gladiator, which is the highest rank, is quite simple; you just play about 40-50 games, and you will be able to reach this rank. It is a great game mode, but it has a lifespan of about 50 games, maybe 100.

After that, there is not much to do, so if they were to introduce the game mode for longer, it should have a rotation of playable champions similar to the rotation of ultimates in the Ultimate Spellbook game mode they already created a while back. There are many games or game modes that keep you interested. The new Arena mode is unique, a good idea, and a fun game mode, so we would love to see it developed further and supported for a longer time because it has a lot of potential.

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