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4 Virtual World Games Like Smeet

Rate this Article Did you like Smeet? Good news is, there are many other games that are similar to that game you loved a lot Virtual Worlds Land! - 4 Virtual World Games Like Smeet

Did you like Smeet? Well, that’s not a wonder. Good news is, there are many other games that are similar to that game you loved a lot. Here are four of them, in case you’re curious what else is in store for you in the market for virtual world sims.

The most popular one is, without doubt, Second Life. One of its most striking features is being able to design a virtual world of your own. We’re not talking about simply purchasing stuff from shops and then using them to decorate your own private place within the virtual world. We’re talking about a developer account, which allows you to add your own inputs to the game!

You can design clothes and accessories according to your own preferences. You can build chat rooms that are designed according to your intents and purposes. Thinking about putting up a conference room that you can use with your employees? That’s possible with Second Life, and some companies have actually taken this very creative step with their company meetings and conferences.

Love horse games? Well, you can also purchase your own horse here in Second Life. You can breed it, dress it up according to your sensibilities and strut it around in the virtual world. After all, horses are a symbol of the elite and, if you have it,why not flaunt it?

Following close second is IMVU. As a player in IMVU, you’re allowed to come up with ways to decorate your own penthouse. Your penthouse is your abode, and an extension of your personality so feel free to pimp it up as best as you can. This is where you bring your friends in when you host a party, so make it good!

Just like Second Life, IMVU outdoes itself in trying to simulate life and reality as best as it could. In here, you can enter into marriages with other players in VIP mode. As couples, you have a shared penthouse that you can work on decorating and beautifying together as husband and wife. You can also become a developer, and create items that you can sell for real currency to other player so you can earn some cash from the game too.

Number three is Avakin Life. Loaded with breathtaking landscapes and excellent avatar designs, the game will easily eat you up once you’re done with the basic sign up process. In here, you can dress yourself to kill and make heads turn in the social hubs that the virtual world gives its player base for them to congregate and gather together.

Create chat rooms, message other people in private messaging, or attend parties - you name it, you can do it in Avakin Life. What makes Avakin Life unique among the other two? You can play it in your mobile device, because it has ports for both Android and iOS!

Last but not the least is Twinity. Already established in the virtual world genre, Twinity takes on everything that the first three games have and creates a twist of its own. To encourage you to really go around the virtual world and do something, it offers rewards for achievements. Every time you accomplish a task, the game awards with you prizes so you’ll always feel that you’re growing and not stuck at some existential vacuum.

Older than the first three games, Twinity shows every reason why it’s still here and why it’s bound to stay for a very long time!

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