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4 Fun Virtual World Games that We Miss

Rate this Article There’s a time for coming home, and there’s also a time for leaving. That much is true for virtual world games. Virtual Worlds Land! - 4 Fun Virtual World Games that We Miss

There’s a time for coming home, and there’s also a time for leaving. That much is true for virtual world games. While some have lasted quite a long time in the market, there are some that have, unfortunately, had their doors closed for various reasons.

Let’s take a look at 4 virtual world games that we, as gamers, definitely miss.

Build a Bearville

Alright, to begin, we’ll look at Build a Bearville. Browser-based, and boasting on 2D graphics, the game nevertheless has captured the hearts of millions of children and children-at-heart worldwide. A truly child-friendly game, Build a Bearville focused on giving its virtual citizens as immersive an experience as possible, and it did so by arming the virtual world with seemingly endless activities for the user to enjoy.

You have a huge world to explore, for instance, full of mini-games and in-game shops with which you can transact to buy clothes, accessories and other stuff for your beloved teddy bear!

Petra’s Planet

Now, let’s move on to Petra’s Planet. This virtual world puts you in a planet outside of Earth, and it is your privilege to be able to go through this world’s regions to collect animal cards. You will have to engage in a card battle with that said animal, and defeat it in order to add it to your collection. The planet is considerably large, so you’ll have lots of places to explore.

Much of the gameplay centers on collecting kid power. Kid power is a form of badge that determines what places you can access in the planet. Collecting cards is just one way to accumulate kid power points - other ways to do so include accomplishing challenging quests that the game throws along your way.

Spark City World

Spark City World was designed mostly for young girls and teenagers, but anyone comfortable playing the role of a lady will find this game to his or her liking.

Your goal here is to build your reputation, and you do that by exploring the world and, at the same time, developing your abode and wardrobe collection. Thus, much of your time will be devoted to building your resources so you can purchase new dresses, accessories and furniture for your apartment.

To do that, players had to go through different quests, each with their own rewards for the player.

Oh, players can also date boys - but these are NPCs that have been placed in random places throughout the game’s world.


Last but not the least, we have Zwinky. Zwinky features a comprehensive world that is limited to not just the in-game world but also to a bustling online community.

Players were required to create a Zwinky, which is basically an avatar that you not only use to explore the virtual world, but also to represent you in blogs, social media pages, and message boards. In the virtual world, players had access to lots of in-game events, opportunities to dress up and customize your Zwinky, and play mini-games for in-game cash rewards.

Fortunately, someone is working on relaunching Zwinky under a new name: Zwinky Rewritten!

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