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The World of Shop Heroes

Rate this Article Here are some of the things you can expect when playing Shop Heroes. Virtual Worlds Land! - The World of Shop Heroes

Shop Heroes is a great virtual world simulator that everyone should play. Here are the reasons why this game should be on your games list. After all, it’s a free-to-play virtual world sim that you can simply install to your Facebook account, and you can be playing in no time.

Unlike its competitor, Magic Forge, Shop Heroes features a third person camera that is isometric in orientation. In other words, it employs a bird’s eye view over your shop and your workers. You can see your blacksmith working in his forge in one corner, while your carpenter is busily crafting wooden weapons in his workbench in another. There’s also the shop owner (you), who is busy entertaining people at the entrance of the shop.

The world of Shop Heroes moves smoothly, so there’s never a dull moment for you when playing this game. There’s no shortage of heroes who’ll walk in to your shop and request for a weapon. You must be quick enough to address these orders. You can easily process crafting orders by pressing the Craft button at the bottom of the screen. You watch while the crafting is progress, and when it is completed, you collect the weapon to add it to your storage. You then click on the hero and sell him or her the weapon.

That’s how transactions go in this virtual world simulator – smooth, quick and easy. You can turn your attention to other matters while waiting for another hero to come in. These include collecting iron ore from the iron bin, and wood from the wood bin. When a hero comes in requesting a weapon, the process goes over again.

Crafting, of course, is not the only activity that you can do in Shop Heroes. You can hire heroes to undertake quests for you. They can then return to you after the mission is finished, bringing with them special materials that you can use to craft certain weaponry. Sometimes, they could lug with them a treasure chest with rare blueprints and equipment for heroes.

Expect the heroes to collect on their favors, however. They could ask you to help them out on a special quest. In return, they will give you additional gems. Gems are blue crystals that can be used to speed up crafting or quests, or used to open treasure chests.

Of course, who wouldn’t notice the cute graphics in this game? The character portraits are beautifully drawn, and feature handsome and pretty characters.

There are plenty of tasks to do in the game outside of catering to Heroes’ requests and earning money. You can be a good member of the community and contribute to the construction of the town hall. You can donate your earnings, just like any good businessman should do in real life for their communities.

The fast-paced gameplay in Shop Heroes will definitely endear this game to fans of virtual world and management simulators. You can learn all that you can about being a weapons dealer in the Middle Ages, and at the same time, you give yourself a good time.

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