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Best Town Building Games You Can Play on Mobile

Rate this Article If you are looking for games that let you build your city from scratch and manage it to be the strongest in the land, then you should check out this list of the best town-building games you can play on mobile. Have a try on the different themes featured on the list like medieval, fantasy, and futuristic. Virtual Worlds Land! - Best Town Building Games You Can Play on Mobile

Garena Fantasy Town - Farming Simulation

Planting crops in Garena Fantasy Town

This game featuring humans and other races like elves, trolls, dwarves, and goblins. The graphics are in 3D and the character models, buildings, and environment are cute, adorable, and kid-friendly designs. The controls are easy and simple with gestures that are mostly tapping and swiping your finger across the screen.

You get to play as a newly appointed mayor of a small town which was currently attacked by neighboring enemies. In Fantasy Town, you'll manage the repairs and construct new buildings and hire personnel to run them. Place seeds in the plant beds and harvest to use yourself or to sell via the dragon shop. Some expeditions would require you to meet citizens by summoning them from your inn and each completed mission gives out rewards.

So be sure to check out Garena Fantasy Town - Farming Simulation and create the best place there is in the land.

City Mania: Town Building Game

Starting to complete the buildings in City Mania: Town Building Game

Get to create a city in the modern-day setting. Have fun constructing houses, roads, factories, government buildings, and service facilities to help your area grow and flourish. Increase your citizens and have them take on jobs in the neighborhood.

Utilize the use of Bizzies by assigning them to a building. These are your workers who will increase production and the range of areas that a service can influence. Leveling them up needs juice from the Juice Plant and as you keep upgrading them, their abilities will increase. You can also get new Bizzies by mixing two of them in the Trait Mixer and the new one will inherit the combination of the two traits you have merged. Take note, both Bizzies do not disappear when you combine them.

If you are a fan of modern city buildings then this is something you would want to consider to play.

City Island

Picking the location for the farm in City Island

Play a wonderful game that combines building simulation and base defense. Begin your construction at the edge of the island and start by creating homes for citizens to come and live in. You also need to build roads so people can access the houses and other facilities. Grow your city by making it flourish by having small businesses open up for you. You can introduce farms, newspaper stands, donuts shops to add income to your area. There is an upgrade option that lets you increase the output of your shops and create additional jobs for your citizens.

Some different challenges and missions include pirates and other fun stuff which you can enjoy. You can check out several versions of the game and each one has its unique features that you can explore.

So give these games a shot and begin your epic journey on building your greatest city either in the 2D or the 3D world.

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